Simple stand for garden tools

The incredibly simple stand, which can be done in a short period of time, will help to clean up your barn or garage. Mounted on the wall, and all your rakes, shovels, choppers and similar tools will be visually stored without disturbing anyone.


  • Boards, I picked up Size 38x68, length 1.5 meters - 2 pieces.
  • Drill machine or drill with a 32 mm drill bit.
  • Circular saw with the ability to set a cutting angle or regular wood saw.
  • Sanding block and sandpaper.
  • Long screws for wood.

Making a stand for a garden tool

So, we are adjusting two boards to one length, if and they do not fit.
Simple stand for garden tools
We mark. It will be necessary to first make a hole, and then an oblique cut. The distance between these sockets is 150 mm.
Simple stand for garden tools
When everything is marked up, take the drill bit and drill all the holes, but not through.If you immediately make a through hole, then the edge where it came out will not be smooth, but will be with protruding slivers.
Simple stand for gardening equipment
Turning over to the other side.
Simple stand for garden tools
And drill through the hole.
Simple stand for garden tools
Make all these manipulations for both bars.
Simple stand for garden tools
Now with a machine or a hacksaw, we make a slanting groove.
Simple stand for garden tools
Next, we sand the workpieces against burr and paint.
Simple stand for garden tools
Then we hang them on the wall with screws, if the wall is wooden. And if not, then we drill holes for dowels, and through metal corners we attach to the wall.
Simple stand for garden tools
Distance between boards should be estimated in advance,Considering the minimum length of your tool. After building such a rack, you will have a good order in the shed. The corners, in which this instrument probably accumulated, will be cleaned. Everything will be clearly visible and at hand.

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