Crochet and knitting slippers

Slippers crochet and knitting- knit comfortable home slippers with cords. The master class is simple and suitable for novice needlewomen.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn;
  2. hook number 3.5;
  3. stocking needles number 3.0.


  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. half a dozen s / n - semi-colonies with double crochet.

Pattern Description

The front canvas and the chain of air.

Density of knitting:20 p. x 26 p. = 10x10 cm.

Size:37-38 (39-40) / 4-5 (6-7) years

Knitting description


With a crochet number 3.5, we knit a chain of 39 (43) lines. Next, continue strapping polust. s / n according to the sole scheme.

On the 4 nosy needles, dial 110 (118) loops around the edge of the crocheted sole and knit with 7 front rows / circles.

In the 6th front circle / row we make 5 marks / subtracts through 7 loops in the toe part of the slipper. Next, knit, making reductions in the front row. In the 18th circle / row we close all the crochet loops. We knit the second slipper symmetrically.


We knit 35 airs. crochet and tie to slipper. We put the ends of the yarn inside the canvas.

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