Small Bedroom Design

Women always lovingly decorate the interior of their own bedroom. This is their little world, and the ladies turn the bedroom into a very cozy and intimate boudoir, where you can relax with your soul and body.

Even if you can not boast of apartments of a large area, a small bedroom can be turned into a very pretty "nest", you just need to fantasize a little with the design and furnishings.

The standard size of this room in typical apartments ranges from ten to fifteen meters - a bed, a small wardrobe, a mirror with a mirror and, perhaps, a soft pouf. It is very convenient to “induce beauty.”

It is better to choose the decor of light shades without excessive decoration, it will overload the interior. Straight lines and sleek design - the best solution for a small room. Little secret. If you put a bed-futon (without legs) in the bedroom, the ceiling will appear higher.

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Saving on the setting, you can spend more on cute things that will decorate your boudoir.Yes, a lot of textiles must be present in the bedroom - decorative pillows, bedspreads, blankets. It will be decorated with small watercolors and collages, figurines and floor vases.

When designing a small room, pay special attention to the color palette. It is advisable to use light shades. Peach, pale blue, ash-pink, pale yellow - these tones visually “move apart” the space and make the atmosphere very romantic.

It will help to "increase" the area and the horizontal pattern on the wallpaper, but the ceiling should be piercingly white. It can be decorated with a small ceiling lamp, and the lighting design can be supplemented with LED strip attached around the perimeter or in the window niches. In this case, the lighting can be very intimate.

The flooring should also be light. You can use a massive board or laminate, and lay them better diagonally. The room will seem larger. A good solution for the bedroom is a light, high-pile carpet, which is very pleasant to walk barefoot.

Drape the windows with light curtains - organza, linen, batis - a good solution.In order not to look at someone else's curious views, you can use roll blinds.

As you can see, a little imagination and taste, and your small bedroom will become very cute and cozy.

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