Snowman - Christmas tree toy

The snowman is considered one of the traditional symbols of the New Year. He helps Santa Claus, packs gifts, is present on most of the cards and holiday decorations. A miniature snowman-crochet pendant will bring a great mood into the house, and not only children, but also adults will love it. It can be hung on the Christmas tree, furniture handles, lighting. Bright and cute, he will make anyone smile. The height of a snowman with a hat is 7 cm. Materials required:
  • Yarn "Iris" of white and red colors.
  • Transparent red ribbon.
  • Two black beads.
  • One red bead for the nose.
  • Filler.
  • Needle .
  • Fishing.
  • Hook # 0.75.
  • How to make a snowman.
Little snowman is simple enough: you first need to bind the head with the body, then the hat. All elements are assembled into a single unit and decorated. Work begins with the manufacture of the body of the product.To rely on this scheme: Snowman crocheted Christmas tree toy
This is how the detail looks like when four rows of single crochet columns are finished:
 Snowman Christmas toy crochet
The fifth row is performed without increments of columns:
 Сн crochet christmas tree toy
Next element is performed with the following scheme:
Snowman Christmas toy crochet

After the first three are connected, you get this detail:
 Snowman Christmas-tree toy crochet
In the fourth row begin ubavle hinge loops: Snowman Christmas tree toy crochet After completing the fifth row, the hole becomes quite small:
>img src="" alt="Snowman Christmas tree toycrochet "title =" Snowman Christmas tree toy crochet ">
Now you can take a filler:
 Snowman crochet tree toy
The body is full and ready for further work:
Snowman crocheted Christmas tree toy
In the sixth row, the number of bars decreases even more:
 Snowman Christmas tree toy crochet
Everything, the torso is ready. Close the hole is not necessary. Instead, you should Immediately move to create a snowman's head. In the seventh row in each loop of the base it is necessary to make two columns with no quilt:
 Snowman Christmas toy crochet
This is how the element on the ninth row looks like:
Snowman crochet tree toy
Detail on the twelfth row:
 Sn govik tree toy hook
From the thirteenth series again decreases the number of loops: Snowman Christmas toy crochet With fourteen rows tied, you can fill your head:
 Snowman Christmas-tree toy crochet
After the fifteenth row the hole is completely is closed. Everything, the basis for the snowman is ready:
 Snowman Christmas toy crochet
Black beads with eyes and a red bead are sewn neatly with a needle and a fishing line
Snowman Christmas toy crochet
Pointed hat figurines performed red "Iris" according to the scheme below:
Snowman Christmas toy crochet
This is what kind of cap should be:
 Snowman crochet tree toy
 Snowman Christmas toy crochet
ПоThe edges of the element are tied with white yarn according to this scheme:
 Snowman crochet tree toy
Snowman hat ready:
Snowman Christmas tree toy crochet Now you need to sew it to the main part:
 Snowman Christmas Toy Hook m
The thread for the pendant is attached to the tip of the cap:

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