SoftRay-rejuvenation - a procedure worth trying

Modern women have access to a variety of all kinds of cosmetics and procedures that preserve youth and natural beauty. Every year there are more and more new methods of rejuvenation. One of such innovative methods is SoftRay-rejuvenation. And what are the features of this unique technique?

What it is?

Why at 15-25 years old our skin looks young and fresh, but then it starts to change and loses its former elasticity? It's all about the unique substance - hyaluronic acid. It is contained in the extracellular space of the epidermis and is responsible for such important processes as metabolism, regeneration, elastin and collagen production, and so on.

New method of rejuvenation

In other words, it is hyaluronic acid that provides beautiful color, elasticity and freshness of our skin. But, unfortunately, with age, the amount of this acid begins to decrease gradually, and nothing can be done about it. Developed many methods of rejuvenation, based on the replenishment of stocks of the substance in the epidermis. And one of these methods is SoftRay-rejuvenation.

SoftRay-rejuvenation is a noninjective method of introducing into the layers of the epidermis hyaluronic acid. The introduction in this case is carried out using an absolutely harmless therapeutic laser, as well as a special gel consisting of the smallest particles of hyaluronic acid.

How does this work?

So, how does penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin occur? The effect of low-intensity laser radiation opens the transport channels in the surface and deep layers of the skin. And through these channels also hyaluronic acid gets.

By the way, this acid is specially divided into the smallest fragmented molecules that can easily overcome the epidermal barrier and penetrate into the intercellular space.

Take care of yourself

But after penetration, the substance must begin to act, and for this it must be polymerized, since only in the polymerized form can the acid be activated.

And then again low-intensity laser radiation, triggering the polymerization processes, comes to the rescue. Next, hyaluronic acid begins to act: stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, attracts water molecules and moisturizes the skin,enhances the synthesis of proteins (they are some building blocks for all the tap-offs), improves the immune and plastic properties of epidermal tissues, significantly improves the blood supply, and also starts the processes of cell regeneration.

As a result, the skin again becomes beautiful, young, radiant, supple and fresh. It is noteworthy that the procedure allows not only to replenish the reserves of hyaluronic acid and eliminate its shortage, but also to make the body produce its own acid.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

SoftRay-rejuvenation has its pros and cons. Let's start with the advantages of this procedure, there are many more than disadvantages:

  • This is a very effective method.
  • Long lasting effect. After the procedure, the body processes its own hyaluronic acid.
  • It is safe and harmless. Laser radiation has a low intensity, so it can not harm the body, as well as gel consisting of fragmented hyaluronic acid.
  • It is painless. During the procedure, there is no unpleasant or painful sensations.
  • Rehabilitation is not required, since the epidermis is not damaged at all, and its integrity is not violated.No redness, swelling or swelling after the procedure does not occur, so that you can immediately start the planned cases and go to important events.
  • The effect is noticeable almost immediately, that is, in the first days after exposure.
  • The impact is on both the surface and the deep layers of the skin, so that the changes will be significant and noticeable.
  • No special training is required.
  • There is no withdrawal syndrome common to most other existing methods of rejuvenation. This means that after completing the course, the amount of hyaluronic acid will not decrease. On the contrary, the process of producing its own acid will start.
  • SoftRay-rejuvenation can be combined with other procedures, such as contour correction, various peels, mesotherapy, and so on.
  • Contraindications are practically absent.

Now list the cons:

  • Nevertheless, in some cases, the procedure is contraindicated, we will tell about it below.
  • The relatively high cost of the procedure.


We list the indications for this procedure:

  • first signs of aging;
  • small mimic wrinkles;
  • enlarged pores;
  • excessively dry skin;
  • stretch marks, scars on the skin (for example, after acne);
  • uneven or painful complexion;
  • flabbiness, reduced skin turgor.

It is worth noting that there are practically no age restrictions, but experts recommend starting the procedure for girls over 25-30 years of age for the purpose of prevention. And most often for the help of cosmetologists turn women aged 40-45 years.

In what cases is the procedure contraindicated?

Contraindications are few. It is not necessary to carry out the procedure for skin lesions, as well as for some skin diseases. No need to risk in the presence of acute infections. And about the other available contraindications is best to ask the doctor.

The skin after it is good

How is the procedure?

The procedure can be carried out only in a cosmetology clinic and a specialist. Here are the main steps:

  1. First, the beautician cleanses the skin of cosmetics and impurities.
  2. Then a special gel with hyaluronic acid will be applied on your skin.
  3. Then the specialist will turn on the laser device and start the procedure.
  4. Then the beautician will remove the remnants of the gel.

One session lasts an average of 10-15 minutes. No discomfort during the procedure does not occur.Redness and puffiness are also absent.

The course of rejuvenation includes 10-15 procedures, which is exactly what is needed to replenish the reserves of hyaluronic acid and start the production of its own acid.

Cost of

The price of one course of SoftRay-rejuvenation is about 5-10 thousand rubles.


Here are some feedback on the method of SoftRay rejuvenation:

  • “I noticed the result immediately after the first session. The skin has become young and fresh. ”
  • "After the course of SoftRay rejuvenation, I stopped using anti-aging creams, because I began to look much younger and more attractive!"

If you notice the first signs of aging skin or want to prevent their appearance, then pay attention to the SoftRay rejuvenation.

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