Sonata Mobel Orthopedic Mattress

Features of our skeleton are such that all body weight rests on the spine. That is why it is so important to help him, unload the vertebrae, try to facilitate his hard work. Best of all, the Sonata Mobel orthopedic mattress handles this task. This is another name for the anatomical surface for sleep. It is the formation of correct posture, the removal of the load on the internal organs and the development of proper rest habits.

The interaction of the ridge and the anatomical surface

The correct position of the spine directly affects the quality of sleep. Moreover, a smooth and relaxed ridge is the key to health and longevity. The load accumulated during the day on the legs must be removed at night. If this is not done, then over time it accumulates, deformation of the discs occurs, cheerfulness decreases and chronic fatigue syndrome manifests itself.

Orthopedic mattresses consist of hundreds of spring blocks not attached to each other. Each of them takes the load directly from the body, and not from adjacent springs. Each kilogram of weight puts pressure only on “its” block.If you choose the right mattress, it will allow you to unload the bones and muscles. The result will be rest, which is impossible to get on a regular bed with a wadded mattress. On it, the entire load is collected in one or two points. As a result, we overload the most vulnerable parts of the body - the lower back and neck.

Features of orthopedic mattresses

In addition to spring blocks, orthopedic mattresses have other useful trumps. This is:

  • Cloth upholstery springs of hygroscopic material. The body breathes, and excess moisture is immediately neutralized. Thanks to this, we sweat less and sleep better.
  • The surface of the mattress is made of memory foam. This material remembers the position of the body and does everything to make it most suitable for relaxation.
  • Anatomical mattresses are great for any purpose. Their hypoallergenic upholstery and wooden frame contribute to quality sleep. The soft touch of the mattress also helps to relax.

A modern bedroom is not just a place to sleep. We have less time for going to the doctors and treatment. Orthopedic mattresses are recognized as a remedy for diseases of the spine and nervous system.They relieve the stress of the cardiovascular system. Their beneficial properties appear literally after a couple of nights. Such a mattress is a pass to the world of perfect sleep and concern for your health.

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