Spear for sport or hunting small animals

Once I thought that I could throw darts, knives, axes, but I never tried to throw a spear. With this in mind, I got down to business. The first step was to think and search for the right materials. So, we need: any aluminum tube from 1 to 2 meters, an old knife not needed, two pads on the bicycle handlebar and cotton wool. Of the tools you need only a hammer and a knife.
Sports Spear or hunting for small animals
Pole and tip
First you need to take a knife. If there are wooden or plastic covers on its handle, they should be taken so that only the metal part remains. In my case, the knife was already without them. Next you need to try to shove the back of the tube. If she breaks, then all is well. If, like me, it does not fit, then with a hammer we gently crush the pipe to the length of the back of the knife. After that, insert the knife.Further we thrust cotton wool in a crack between a pipe and a knife. It is necessary for compaction. Thrusting should be very tight, otherwise the knife will dangle and may fall. Next, with a hammer, flatten the pipe to finally fix the knife. Attention! It is not necessary to flatten the whole pipe, but only at the inserted part of the knife.
 Spear for sport or hunting for small animals
In order for the spear to fly straight, and it was easy to throw, you need to take a few simple steps. First we balance it on the finger, and mark this place. Next, you will need 2 lining the wheel of the bike. Lining need rubber, and preferably the size of the pipe. Next you need to cut off that part of the lining, which has no protrusion. The protrusion is where the little finger is when riding a bike. Do the same with the second pad. Then we put them both on the pipe, in the very marked place. Everything is ready.
Spear for sports or hunting for small animals
How to throw. If you need to throw harder, then the handle must be taken with a fist, and if for accuracy, then with three fingers, just like you hold the pen while writing. With a strong swing, the knife sticks into the willow for 2 to 3 centimeters.You can also hunt hares or foxes. When hunting, it is better to climb a tree, so better accuracy is achieved.

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