Stages of development of love relationships

Stages of development of love relationshipsAnd what about the behavior that invariably leads you to a dead end? Identify the malicious behavior patterns that are inherent in you. Tell yourself: stop! Start controlling your behavior at all stages of the relationship.


Stages of development of love relationships. Stage 1. Set up a relationship. What behavior has become automatic for you? Do you shy away from the initiative? Do you go into the shadows? Perhaps you are trying to show your power? Or wait for your chosen one to reveal a secret that will help you to conquer it? Maybe you boldly take the first step, but as soon as an obstacle arises - you immediately drop everything? If you always behave the same way, then the result will be the same.


Stages of development of love relationships. Stage 2. First date. Do you immediately submit to your partner? Maybe you are pressing a companion or a companion? Or depict indifference, as if, having agreed on a date, you are doing a great favor? Are you acting aside and closed? Or gushing emotions? Are you too sticky? NotDo you tend to immediately take the bull by the horns and start talking about whether you will have children? Do you miss alarming signals if you really liked the person or you are alone at the moment? Do you tell about your former friends?


Stages of development of love relationships. Stage 3. The second date and further meetings. Are you in a hurry with the development of relations? Or maybe you shut yourself in? Do you take the matter too seriously, forgetting that dating is entertainment? Have you imagined something that is not there? Do you refuse to communicate with other friends? Perhaps you do not want to admit even to yourself that you already had a sad experience with a person of this type?


Stages of development of love relationships. Stage 4. Evaluation of relationships. Do you keep communicating with a person when it’s absolutely clear that it’s time to end the relationship? Do not close your eyes to his destructive habits? Maybe you agree to a relationship with a partner who is not interested in you? Are you afraid of responsibility? Do you pay attention to doubts and listen to your inner voice?


Determine what exactly you do automaticallyunknowingly - identify your habitual patterns of behavior that are not beneficial. Discard them. If you write a new script, the final will be completely different. And if you continue to play the old role, then every new relationship will be a repetition of old tragedies. The choice is yours.


You have been friends for a long time. But the platonic relationship never escalated to anything more serious. Yes, you are very sympathetic to this person, and you are happy to meet with him or her. Do you think that such a person would be suitable for you and for a closer relationship. Is it possible? And whether?


There is no unequivocal answer to this question. I worked a lot with people and I know that even similar problems are solved in very different ways in different cases. Here I will set out thoughts that may help you decide whether there is a romantic future for friendships with members of the opposite sex.

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