Stained glass windows on plastic windows: exquisite compositions in modern design

Stained glass windows are familiar to many as luxurious decorations of palaces or temples. Their arrangement has always required high financial costs, since the work involves a high level of qualification of the master. That is why only wealthy people could afford such beauty.

Today, stained glass windows are again in fashion. They add sophistication and individuality to the interior, but their value is now not so great. In addition, you can save by ordering the finish of plastic glass in the form of stained glass. Get more information about his order, as well as get acquainted with the options of ornaments, by clicking on the link The advantages of stained glass windows on plastic windows Ordering stained glass windows for a plastic window, you will be able to provide your interior with the zest that was not enough to express your individuality.This technique is widely used and will look great not only on the windows of an apartment or a private cottage, but also on the windows of an office, cafe, retail outlets, and social facilities. In addition to the decorativeness that stained glass windows provide to the room, you get additional benefits: optical expansion of space; safety of the composition for health; additional conservation of thermal energy; distraction from the ugly landscape outside the window. Features of the operation of window stained-glass windows The composition applied on a plastic window is distinguished by its durability and durability. It is resistant to the effects of hard ultraviolet and does not change the intensity of the color, excellently tolerates temperature fluctuations and humidity. It is necessary to look after a window decorated with a stained-glass window just as it does with ordinary glass. The only thing that is not recommended is to clean the glass with the help of abrasive materials. The drawing can have different motives: from unobtrusive vegetative variants and abstractions to paintings imitating icons. The density of the drawing pattern and its color range also depends on the needs and preferences.Customers. Production of stained glass compositions It is practically impossible to create a stained glass window on plastic glass with your own hands. This requires professional equipment, the acquisition of which is not advisable for home. At the enterprise, the production of stained-glass windows occurs in several stages: Creating a layout. Each manufacturer will offer you a wide selection of ready-made layouts, according to which you can choose a picture for plastic windows. If not one of the proposed options does not suit you, you will be offered the opportunity to edit the most suitable one or offer your own pattern. After approval of the ornament, the layout is sent to print. With the help of special equipment, a contour is applied to the glass, which can be transparent, gold, silver, copper or black. After that, the material is left for a day for polymerization. It is worth noting. that the contours should be closed, since mixing colors or their smooth transition from one to another is not allowed. The next day, the wizard in manual mode fills in multicolored varnishes in accordance with the contours.

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