Stars who have confessed their sexual problems

Before you say "I would have their problems!", Think twice.

Carefully guarding their personal lives, media people will no-no and they will speak to the general public about what is being done in their bed. Confessions of stars we have to listen to different: some in the life of sex have a surplus, literally there is no time to fasten their pants, others have a drawback. Public confessions of celebrities that they have to be treated in clinics for sexual obsession or to be lonely in a cold bed require a certain courage. And excellently fueled interest in the media person!

Marilyn Manson: can only in the dark

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An American rock singer with a gothic image proved that beauties can love “monsters”: in his service record are novels with actresses Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood, and also with burlesque-diva Dita von Teese. And once the actor and singer opened the veil of his intimate life for the general public: it turns out he is very shy and can have sex only in the dark.“I just always was shy with girls, even though it’s hard to imagine. Yes, all my life I had sex only with the lights off. I also have a phobia: I am very afraid that my house will be on fire, so I always have at least some clothes so that I can run out, ”Manson once told Rolling Stone in an interview. In connection with this, a thought arises: does Marilyn Manson remove her famous lens from the eye during love games, and if not, does it phosphoresce in the dark?

Andy Warhol: preferred to watch


American pop art artist, world-famous New York party-goer, designer, collector, publisher, a real symbol of the 60s pop culture - a mysterious and extravagant Andy Warhol became famous not only for his work, but also for his accurate philosophical statements. Warhol's interview with various media has long been stolen for quotes. For example: “The highest price you have to pay for love is the constant presence of someone near you, and being alone is much better.” Or: "Sex and parties are the only places where you need to appear in person." So, about sex.In his famous revelations in the press, Andy Warhol has repeatedly said that "the best role in sex is the role of the observer." And he added: he prefers to tell jokes in bed rather than to make love (WikiReading). According to these statements, the audience concluded that the strange Warhol is an asexual and a voyeur.

Anatoly Wasserman: vowed to keep chastity and regretted it

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Many people probably don’t know that Anatoly Wasserman, an erudite TV star, is primarily a journalist and journalist. And many probably don’t remember that this man was widely known for his victories in intellectual TV games. But his title of "the most famous virgin of Russia" is known to all.

Many, many years ago, even in his student years, Anatoly Alexandrovich once argued with his classmate about the ideal form of the relationship between opposite sexes. And in the heat of the moment, the future TV-operator said: “I’m not going to live sexually at all!” At that moment it seemed to him that he was losing a little, since he had almost no success with the girls.

Later, fate divorced them with an opponent, but the principled Wasserman remained true to his word: in his whole life, no, no! However, much later, he cursed his stubbornness, realizing that he had made a big mistake.

“In one of the TV programs about asexuals, where I was invited as an exhibit, I warned that if someone would put me up as a beneficial example of giving up sex, I would not be too lazy, I would get up and pick my face. In my experience, abstinence is unpleasant in all respects. After all, contrary to popular belief, thinking about sex is not working out any less, ”Anatoly Wasserman once said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

David Duchovny: admitted to sexual addiction

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In 2008, a Hollywood actor, who was recognized by the entire world through the X-Files series, made a statement through his lawyer: “I voluntarily went to an institution for the treatment of sexual addiction,” he said in a statement through his lawyer. “I ask for the respect and privacy of my wife and children, since we view this situation as a family problem.”

There is an assumption that the actor was previously hypersexual, and then completely sold out after the filming of the series "Freaky California". However, American tabloids reported that therapy did not help David keep his family.In 2014, his marriage to actress Tea Leoni fell apart.

Michael Douglas: “Sex is my vocation”

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The famous American actor knowingly received the unspoken title of a sex symbol: neither Michael Douglas himself nor his numerous partners complained about a weak libido. After in 2000, Douglas’s then-wife Diandra Lucas filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage due to chronic infidelity of her husband, the actor admitted to the media that he had been treated for his pathological insatiability, but did not help. But he managed to cure Michael Douglas from the sex-mans by his new wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. And there is no miracle here: she simply stipulated in the marriage contract a clause according to which the husband is obliged to pay her for every treason a huge amount.

What made Michael settle down - the fear of losing Katherine, or the prospect of paying millions of dollars for an affair?

Ozzy Osbourne: was dissolved, but his wife forgave

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In 2016, the Osborne family almost divorced after 33 years of family life. Ozzy's wife Sharon Osborne found out about her husband’s intrigue. The lawyer Ozzy Osbourne told the media the following: the singer cannot have any love on the side, because he is ill with satirism (heightened sexual desire).Ozzy, through his representatives, apologized to all women with whom he had extramarital affairs, and explained that he needed treatment, which he did.

Osborne said that sexogolism is worse than drug addiction because it destroys family trust. In an interview with the Mirror newspaper, Sharon Osborne told that it was unpleasant for her to listen to her husband’s confessions and a list of all his fleeting “loves”, but later her faithful husband forgave Ozzy. Still, they are connected by something more than a fleeting physiological connection.

Bill Clinton: For a few minutes forgot about the good of the American people

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In January 1998, a sexual and political scandal erupted in America involving President Bill Clinton and trainee Monica Lewinsky. The media savored the story in different ways, with all the details. Hillary's deceived wife, as usual, learned all last and was furious. The scandal threatened Bill Clinton with the impeachment and disintegration of the family, but he repented publicly with tears in his eyes and declared that he had signs of seksomanii and was ready to undergo treatment. Whether this recognition or policy interests influenced Hillary’s decision, but both the family and the political tandem of Clinton remained unbreakable.

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