Stencil to help you: a new idea for updating clothes

Not every needlewoman will decide to paint clothes, especially if there is no certainty about the excellent final result. It is then that a variety of stencils come to the rescue, with which you can transfer the desired design to the fabric. But with the stencil, too, is not easy to guess, but still difficult to find the right one. What to do in this situation? It turns out that there is a way out. Agree, there is nothing more charming than a lace pattern! He always looks cute, elegant and charming. How to transfer it to fabric without sewing? Tell us more in this article!

To update the shirt with lace you will need:

  • T-shirt (or jeans, or any other clothing);
  • indelible markers;
  • guipure piece with the desired pattern;
  • thick cardboard.

We proceed to the decor of clothing:

1. First, measure out the right amount of guipure, attach to the fabric and trim for convenience. Put a cardboard under the T-shirt layer in order not to accidentally paint over the back.

2While holding the guipure, start painting clothes with markers. It is best to use two colors. MK used black and yellow markers, which well shaded each other.

Give the shirt some time to dry, and the lace pattern is ready!

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