Stool with Provencal landscape

A stool with a Provencal landscape- after the restoration, the stool has become a real work of art.

Materials and tools:

  1. wooden stool;
  2. Acrylic primer
  3. rice paper;
  4. glue for decoupage;
  5. acrylic paints;
  6. craquelure varnish;
  7. brushes;
  8. spatula;
  9. foam foam sponges
  10. Finish varnish.

Step 1

Before proceeding with the decoration, sand the surfaces of the stool with a sponge for grinding. Shake off the dust with a dry cloth.

Step 2

Apply a layer of acrylic primer, let it dry.

Step 3

On the legs of the stool, we apply a layer of cracks lacquer (one-step). Let it dry.

Step 4

We attach rice paper to the seat and choose the middle. Excess paper neatly tear off.

Step 5

Glue rice paper to the surface with glue for decoupage. Use a flat synthetic brush. Smooth the paper from the center to the edges, expelling air bubbles.

Step 6

After the craquelure varnish dries, apply a layer of bright blue acrylic paint over it. Paint is applied strictly in one layer. Cracks will appear a few seconds after the application of the paint. If the paint is applied in several layers, then in this way we will paint only the cracks formed.

Step 7

After the paint dries, sand the surface of the legs, removing the top layer of paint in some places.

Step 8

Write off the edges of the image on the seat using foam sponge and white acrylic paint.

Step 9

Now we apply a small amount of white paint to the dry foam rubber sponge and tint the legs, giving them an even more aged look. Give the paint to dry completely.

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