"Sunny" bag for the summer season

The new season of vacations, the sun and the beach will open very soon. In the meantime, reliving the last autumn drafts and rains, you can create a pair of stylish things that delight you with warmth and light. Decoupage technique is considered to be the easiest and most affordable - with its help it is easy to decorate jewelry boxes, furniture, and even clothes and accessories. Do you have a light-filled summer bag of light colors? Then let's get started!
Why is the color of the bag so important? First of all, because the use of classic maps is inappropriate - the elevation differences will be too noticeable, and the napkins and rice paper are so thin that they are simply lost sight of on a dark background. Preparing a bag for work is not only getting rid of all sorts of paperwork and candy, but also in the processing of alcohol or vodka. This is a very important stage, which is necessary for removing fat, the invisible traces of which remain even with a simple touch. In addition to the bag, you need a rice card, special mediums and, if you wish,pastel crayons or acrylic paints on the fabric. The first component is a vitreous medium, which can be found in the product lines of Maimeri and Stamperia. It is used for finishing the motive and varnishing of the skin. The advantage of these mediums over other varnishes is the formation of an elastic film that does not crack, even with active compression.
 Sunny bag for the summer season
The second important element is the adhesive for decoupage on the fabric. Similar can be found in the lines of almost any company that produces goods for decoupage and painting, from the budgetary Decola to the popular with To-Do masters.
 Sunny bag for the summer season
It is considered that decoupage is an unpretentious technique in which ordinary table napkins can be used. However, if you take the first steps, give preference to rice paper - it is stronger, does not soak under the influence of glue, and is thin enough not to stand out even on kozhzam.
 Sunny bag for the summer season
Cut out the motive and applyhim to the bag, choosing the best location. Once you have found the “same” point, hold the card and apply glue over it. It is most convenient to distribute it around the map with a dense synthetic brush. Thus, we paste all the motifs and leave them to dry.
 Sunny bag for the summer season
 Sunny bag for the summer season
If you do not have significant artistic skills, but you really want to add a motive, fix a dried-up motive with a vitreous medium, let it dry and proceed. The most convenient material is pastel - it is easy to shade and does not take time to dry out. After painting you can immediately cover the bag with Maimeri medium. For a reliable retention of the motive, it is better to do this 2-3 times, if you want to achieve a lacquer skin effect - 7-8.  Sunny Bag for the Summer Season
You can take a ready accessory with you to the beach or for a walk in the park. Sunny bag to summer season
 Sunny bag for the summer season

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