Teach your child the basics of weaving from beads

The constant emergence of new interactive entertainment for adults and children, due to the dynamic development of advanced technologies, has led to the fact that many parents have ceased to think about what to occupy the child. Indeed, why spend your free time on joint recreation or doing needlework, if you can just turn on the computer and install the latest version of this or that game. However, this position of adults leads to very negative consequences, because the kid does not have the opportunity to develop his creative abilities and improve the skills of fine motor skills. It’s another matter if from an early age to open up before the child an amazing opportunity to create crafts and jewelry made of beads with their own hands.

If previously craftsmen had very limited choice of materials, now it’s easybuy beadsany shade, pick up the wire of the desired length and all sorts of tools to realize your own fantasies.It may seem that it is much more difficult to teach a child because of lack of skills and patience, but on the other hand, young needlewomen are much less susceptible to stereotypical thinking and their creations are surprised by originality and creativity. If you responsibly approach the preparation and explain in detail the principles of beading, the baby will literally, after several attempts, be able to make an amazing bracelet that can give to parents or friends.

According to the opinion of experienced moms and dads, for needlework with a small child, expensive beads and other materials should not be used, as they can get lost, which will upset not only the baby himself, but his parents. The best option would be to buy Czech beads, which is characterized by a variety of shapes and color variations and at the same time has a democratic value. In addition, it must be remembered that the child must necessarily tell about the rules of working with small details, and also on the example itself, to demonstrate how beads are strung or how to obtain a certain pattern.

As for the optimal age, when you should start trying to create products made of beads, there are several opinions here - it seems to someone that the earlier you start learning, the more success your child will achieve. At the same time, even if you have everything for beadwork, you can not deal with a child who does not understand the danger of swallowing small items. One thing can be said with absolute certainty - even if your son or daughter does not have a clear talent for needlework, you should try to do at least an elementary thing with your own hands to acquaint your child with the world of creativity.

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