Terry Astra Hair Tie

To make this hair ornament you will need: - dark blue hair tie. - a circle of their lilac felt with a diameter of 4.8 cm. - a lighter. - three shades of satin ribbons with a width of 25 mm: lilac, fuchsia and violet. - scissors. - heat gun with a spare silicone rod. - ruler. - cabochon of lilac shade with a diameter of 12 mm.
Terry hair tie Astra
Creating a flower. A flower consists of Vuh petals series. Each row is made up of individual petals. And all the petals consist of several layers of three different shades of ribbons. Starting the creation of petals follows with the preparation of all necessary lengths of ribbons. Each ribbon shade will have a different length.
  • Lilac ribbon - 4.5 cm,
  • Fuchsia ribbon - 5.5 cm,
  • Purple ribbon - 6.5 cm.
 Terry Hairline Astra
As a result, it should turn out 18 segmentseach shade of ribbons. Then from the received blanks it is necessary to make the petals. To do this, take one piece in hand and turn it face up.
 Hairline Terry Astra
Now it needs to be folded, halving its length.
Terry Aster Hair Tie
The resulting fold should be pressed with your fingers in order to make the line clearer and more even. Then the right corner should be turned to the center of this line.
 Scrunchy Terry Astra
Holding the corner with your finger, you need to repeat the action on the other side. Eraser for Terry Astra hair
The result is a pointed tip. It is necessary to put a drop of glue on it from the wrong side.
 Scrunchy Terry Astra
And immediately bend to the wrong side and press with your fingers until the glue is cold.
Terry Astra Hair Tie
On the front side, the petal will look like in the photo.
Terry Hairline Astra
The lower sections are temporarily left untreated. Of all the other segments, similar blanks need to be made, only their sizes and shades will differ.
 Hair tie Terry Astra
When all the details are ready, you can proceed to the assembly of petals.
 Hairline Terry Astra
Petals for a flower consist of several layers, therefore they are well but combine gradually. First you need a purple blank. It should be placed in slices down.
 Terry Astra Hair Tie
Then you need to put a fuchsia-colored part on it. It is necessary to combine the lower cuts. The result is a small distance between the top of the blanks,equal to 3 mm.
 Scrunchy Terry Astra
And the final layer will be a piece of lilac ribbon, the cut of which must also be combined with the rest. It turns out the transition from dark to light.
 Scrunchy Terry Astra
Holding all the layers together, fold the sections in half, leaving a purple ribbon in the inside of the part .
Scrunchy Terry Astra
By removing any irregularities with scissors, you need to sing the cuts to make the floor to melt each of their layers.
 Scrunchy Terry Astra
It turns out a multi-layered tricolor petal.
 Hair tie Terry aster
For terry asters such petals will need 18 pieces. They should be done in the same way as the first petal.
 Scrunchy Terry Astra
Now you can start joining the parts.For the first row, you need 7 parts that need to be glued together, placing the glue on their side.
 Hairline Terry Astra
From 7 petals you will get a neat circle which can be temporarily postponed while continuing to work with the remaining petals.
 Terry aster hair tie
Next need The circle of felt will serve as the basis for the flower.

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