Test: how do you perceive the world

Each of us in his own way. Some look to the future, others live in the past, others are basking in the present, enjoying every pleasant moment of life. Some people like to analyze everything, constantly use logic, while others perceive the world through the prism of their feelings. Want to know what you live?

So, today our projective tests are devoted to the perception of the world.

Puzzle Test

Puzzle Test

Before you picture - a puzzle, consisting of many triangles. Color any triangles you see fit, in one color. The picture should get a finished look.

Result analysis

As you noticed, the picture is also divided into 9 rectangles. Here we also will analyze them. Calculate which rectangle you have the most colored triangles?

First rectanglereflects your past, your life experience. If you get more filled triangles in the first rectangle, this means that it is difficult for you to forget the past: you too often plunge into it, try to solve past problems by blocking from the present ones.

Second rectanglereflects your mind, intellectual abilities, as well as your ability to analyze and self-criticism. If you paid a lot of attention to the second rectangle, it means that you are soberly looking at the surrounding reality, you know what you want from yourself and the rest.

Third rectangleshows your future, which has not yet come. If your subconscious, coloring the triangles, is focused on this rectangle, this means that you live in the future, make Napoleonic plans, but sometimes you forget about today's affairs. Sometimes you may not notice the problems that arise in front of your nose and require immediate solutions.

If you paid much attentionfourth rectangleThis means that you work with more zeal than most. You like to be constantly busy, you just achieve everything yourself and do not tolerate lazy people.

The emphasis in drawing onfifth rectangletestifies to the high level of leadership abilities. You are a punchy and confident person. Thanks to all this, you can easily cope with life failures.

Sixth rectangleshows your sexuality.If you paid more attention to this part of the picture, it means that you perceive the world through sexual sensations, you have a very high libido.

Seventh rectangleshows your uncertainty, fear, fear of being wrong or disgraced. If you accentuated this rectangle, it means that you have not yet found yourself at the moment (you may have chosen the wrong profession, the wrong place of residence, or the other half) and you are actively searching. Sometimes it seems to you that everyone around you treat you with antipathy. If others show positive feelings towards you, a feeling that this is not for long, you still will not leave.

Eighth rectangleshows your sociability. If your subconscious has paid more attention to this particular rectangle, this means that you are a very sociable person, an extrovert. It's easier for you to work not alone, but in a team. Group work gives you a sense of cohesion and overall value. “Together we can do everything” is your motto.

The ninth rectangle (it's in the center)reflects the area of ​​your senses. If you accentuated this rectangle, it means that you accept any changes (both negative and positive) close to your heart, because you are a highly sensitive person.You are more prone to compassion, empathy and help.

Test "The core of your personality"

Test "The core of your personality"

Here are 10 geometric shapes. Using them, draw a person, a house, an animal. You can take the same shapes several times, scale them, it is not necessary to use all the shapes. You can not stretch the shape and invent your own.

Result analysis

It is very important to assess which shapes you used when drawing one or another character. First we analyze the figures, and then the characters.

White Rectangletestifies to the ability to cooperate, the ability to prove our point of view, the principle, which is used depending on the situation.

Black Rectanglespeaks of the inability to compromise, stubbornness.

White Triangletalks about the obligatory presence in the sexual relationship of the spiritual component.

Black trianglepoints to the man's unstoppable desire for sex, and this desire is based only on physical intimacy.

White squaretalks about the constant intellectual search of a person, he constantly seeks to learn something new, goes to courses, listens to webinars, reads books, etc. Knowledge for him is food for the mind, without which he cannot live a day.And accordingly, a person who chooses a white square has high erudition, high analytical skills.

Black squareshows a person's tendency to self-digging, his excessive suspiciousness, as well as some narcissism (such a person often sees only his own problems, not wanting to help others).

White circlesymbolizes the friendliness of the person, love for the environment, the desire for full understanding with those around him.

Black circleshows selfishness, jealousy, and propensity to hate people, even for the most minor reasons.

White ovalreflects the creative in man, his flexibility in thinking and acting, the ability to find a way out of the most difficult situations.

Black ovalshows lack of will, lack of logic in thinking (especially when everyone wants to please and a person is ready to do what they are asked for), inconsistency in actions, softness.

And now, using the meaning of the characters you used, try to decipher your work and find out what personality traits make up the core of your character.

Paintedhumanreflects directly your personality - your inclinations, the direction of your development.The best thing is when the number of white and black pieces in a person’s figure is used equally (negative balances positive).

Drawn byanimalshows your attitude towards others, the degree of your contact.

Paintedhousereflects the main business of your life, as well as its main areas - personal life, work, etc. - in other words, all that you exercise yourself to happily and successfully feel in the world.

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