The courtyard of a private house: 33 photos of beds, baths and summer kitchen

How beautiful can be the courtyard of a private house, if consistently and thoughtfully put efforts to beautify it? Let's look at an example of a photo of this yard, how its landscape design was created and the site was improved.

A flower bed with unpretentious perennials tolerates both heat and the lack of regular watering.

Private house yard: photo flowerbeds

This beautiful flowerbed in the courtyard of a private house did not appear immediately, at first, while the house was being completed and all the forces and time left for its arrangement, there was just a lawn in front of the house.

In order to prevent the chaotic variegation of the landscape design of the courtyard, a simple and practical decision was made to form flower beds according to the color of the plants.

And the first was a flower bed in purple-blue tones and its main focus was the luxurious rhododendron of Catevba.

It is one of the most frost-resistant species of rhododendrons, which tolerates both the sun and partial shade.

The flower bed next to the terrace in the garden was formed in silvery tones - chistets, cineraria, wormwood, silver willow. The fashion for such beds in landscape design is not accidental - these silvery laces will look refined and stylish in any yard.

And this was a period of addiction to pink color.

There is nothing more pleasant than to make exceptions to the rule for yourself - this flowerbed turned out to be quite variegated due to the blossoming Japanese quince.

But blooming quince is a truly magnificent sight in the garden.

In the farthest and shady corner of the yard broke a white flower garden. Such a flower garden just magically looks in the evenings, it seems to be glowing in the dark - the so-called effect of the “lunar garden”. The landscape design of the yard uses these flower beds both to lighten the dark corners of the garden and to visually expand the size of the plot.

This was an attempt to make a garden in the Japanese force: snag, gravel, hvoyniki. Alas, the attempt was considered unsuccessful.

This is another experiment in the yard of a private house - a small pond with a flower garden. The flower garden received universal approval, the pond was small and inconsiderable - and they refused it.

Another flower bed with a delphinium in the yard.

And the unpretentious cuff with pleasure fills any place in the yard.

As practice has shown, the most beautiful beds in the courtyard of a private house are those with plants a height of a meter or more. They can be seen from afar and they create the main background in the garden. It is important to choose plants that retain their decorative effect throughout the season - ideal if they bloom all summer, but it is perfectly acceptable if the foliage remains neat and beautiful after flowering. Flowering shrubs (rhododendron, hydrangea, jasmine, lilac, quince, elderberry) are best suited for the base of flower beds - they create a large volume of flowers and are unpretentious. In order for their flowering to be luxurious, it is necessary to cut and feed them in time.

The courtyard of a private house: a photo of the veranda, garage and sauna.

The best place to enjoy the view of the garden is the veranda.

You can enjoy here not only from the beautiful view of the yard, but also from a good conversation in close company at the table.

Delicious rural delicacies are also part of the charms of suburban life.

A cozy house seduces with its saving coolness in the summer heat.

The tranquil rustic interior creates a more relaxed light mood than fashionable modern designer finds.

“Cause time, fun hour” - this old rule allows you to work well and enjoy your vacation.

The yard of this private house is being landscaped gradually - last year a beautiful flowerbed was smashed near the garage.

And one more flower bed in the same style from the back side of the yard.

Flowers have found their place even on the track.

One of these paths in the courtyard leads to a small bath.

From which in the evenings a stunning view of the river.

Your private house courtyard can be made in a different style - it can be bright and energetic, or gentle and thoughtful. All this is created by the colors of the flower beds - from exquisite white, blue and silver, to bright yellow, red and crimson. On the other hand, there is no need to make cardinal turns in landscape design - I liked everything - tomorrow I will remove all the old plants, buy fashionable flowers. It is always easier to remove plants than to plant and grow. Therefore, take care of existing plants and build your yard design taking into account what you already have ..

The yard of a private house: photos of the greenhouse and summer kitchen.

For growing seedlings a small greenhouse was attached to the south side of the barn.In winter, it is used as additional storage.

The summer kitchen in the courtyard began with the construction of a simple wooden table next to the brazier.

Then one hundred with benches was added to it.

When building a gazebo, the summer kitchen was moved to this part of the garden.

A year ago, it was decided to replace the open gazebo with a closed one, so it will be more functional.

Arbor skimmed ready, so the construction of the frame did not take much time.

The courtyard of a private house photo of the finished covered gazebo. Summer kitchen with barbecue is located to the right of the arbor, this year it is planned to make its canopy for it.

The design of the courtyard of a private house takes into account that each plant in the garden has its advantages and disadvantages (however, as we do with you).Some bloom abundantly, but not for long, the latter love the sun and sand, while others are attractive to pests. A skilled owner will find his place for each plant - and everyone will feel at home here.

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