The craftswoman made an unusual accessory from a rubber mat

Art forging can add sophistication and elitism to any room. Unfortunately, such products have a high price. And to make them yourself without special equipment is impossible. But when there is a vision of what should be, the creative person will always find a way out. For example, in this case, the girl came up with an excellent imitation of an inexpensive rubber mat.

The main task that was set for the project was the low price. In addition, all the work had to be simple in execution. For the project, a rubber mat was used with an interesting volumetric pattern, suitable for rubber paint and sandpaper.

First you need to paint the mat. The most convenient way to work with the aerosol. You can pre-degrease rubber.

After the paint has completely dried, treat the protruding parts of the grill with sandpaper.So drawing will be more like a painted metal.

It remains only to find a suitable place on the wall. This decor will look great in places where there are technical communications, such as ventilation.

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