The first exit of Amal Clooney after news of pregnancy

Future mother Amal Clooney got into the lens of the paparazzi on the streets of London. And if the new situation was reflected in her wardrobe, it was only for the better: considering the red coat of Stella McCartney, we can assume that another unreal “pregnant” wardrobe is waiting for us. The only negative (or, on the contrary, plus) models on the floor is to consider the rounded belly of George Clooney’s spouse almost impossible.




Amal has not yet commented on the news about pregnancy, the future father George Clooney took the floor instead. “We are very happy,” he assured. “For us, this is a real adventure.” And he remembered the reaction of friends to the news that he and Amal were waiting for twins: “At first, everyone calmed down, and then they began to portray children's crying. We laughed for a long time. ” The prospect of being the father of an actor for the first time is not at all scary. “I’m only 55, Jean-Paul Belmondo was 70 when his first child was born!” He retorts.

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