The Magical Meaning of Orchids in Your Home

Orchid is the magic flower of the goddess of love!It is no secret that each flower carries a certain energy. Most of the rooms, one of which will be discussed, are neutral. But there are those who can create an inappropriate background, and the person who will be affected by the plant will see this as a series of events in life.

We will talk about such a beautiful and useful plant from the point of view of the energy background, like an orchid. A beautiful flower in the house, an orchid, not only pleases the eye, but also possesses the healing energy of nature.

Even 500 years before our era, Confucius admired these flowers and called them queens of fragrant plants. He compared them with beautiful people, to be among them - great happiness. And, of course, the Chinese sage was right.

Orchid can be called a healer, as it is able to harmonize the frustrated energy, to put in order the thoughts and rediscover the thirst for life. No wonder she, as the legend says, appeared from the lost shoe of the goddess Venus herself.

Some people attribute monster and orchids to vampire plants. This is not entirely true.Yes, they absorb energy, then only bad. The orchid is very active, and the peak of activity falls at night, so it is not recommended to keep it on the bedroom window sill.

Although, one of the Chinese legends about the emperor Shi Kotei speaks about another interesting fact. For many years this emperor remained childless, although he prayed, with his wife, the sky for an heir. Then one day a visiting doctor recommended bringing an orchid into the empress's chambers. After some time, the orchid threw out 13 powerful flower stalks, and at the same time, the emperor's wife became the first of 13 crowned babies to become pregnant ...

In the study, bathroom with window, living room - the flower is the place

If you are tired, put a red orchid on the cabinet window. You want to devote time to creativity, but you can’t find time; a yellow orchid will help and inspire extraordinary creative experiments. White orchids, located in the meeting room or in the house where the heated situation arose, will help everyone to become kinder and more compliant.

As a gift from a man, an orchid indicates that your relationship has passed into a serious stage.
You should give an orchid to someone you wish to get rid of loneliness with all your heart

Dried orchid petals added to tea can serve as a love potion. Brewing tea to yourself, you need to whisper them the most cherished desire. In an unimaginable way they can come true!

But keep in mind that there are a great many varieties of orchids, and some of them are poisonous! Therefore, when buying an orchid for magical purposes, be sure to find out its name and check this particular characteristic in the reference book !!!

In our latitudes, the time of violent blooming of orchids is the beginning of winter. This is a generous magical gift to people, reminiscent of the sacraments and unknown worlds. The window sill, decorated with beautiful fresh flowers, already improves the house by one kind, attracting in it sensuality, tenderness, mutual understanding.

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