The most beautiful: the rules of wedding makeup and hair

The editors of Woman's Day together with makeup artists Katya Loginova, Rita Petrova, as well as stylists Kira Vasilchenko and Anna Chekmenev Fen Dry Bar salon discussed the 14 main rules of the wedding image and six irreplaceable tools that should be in your cosmetic bag on the most important day.
Wedding make-up
Photo: "Fen Dry Bar" and Admire Wedding Boutique


First of all, wedding makeup should not change the appearance, but should emphasize the dignity, while leaving your individuality.

1. On the eve of the wedding, it is better not to experiment with cosmetic procedures such as facial cleansing, peeling, eyelash extensions, Botox, etc. — all this is desirable to do 2–3 weeks before the event due to unplanned irritation and reddening of the face. Eyebrow correction - a day or two before the event.

2. The main rule of perfect makeup is moisturizing the skin of the face, which should be taken care of in advance. Best suited procedures aimed at moisturizing and nourishing the skin: masks, creams, care. Particular attention should be paid to the skin around the eyes.

3In any situation, wedding makeup should be persistent. In this case, you will help base under makeup, also known as primer.

4. Foundation and fixing powder should be applied in a thin layer for a more natural result.

Wedding make-up
Photo: "Fen Dry Bar" and Admire Wedding Boutique

5. Another important tool for wedding clean and delicate makeup is the highlighter, which allows you to make your face more textured, makes relief, creates the effect of well-groomed skin due to light-reflecting particles. Apply a very tiny amount under the eyebrows, above the lip, above the cheekbones and under the dimple of the chin.

However, the face itself must be dull. For example, the brilliant textures of shadows and rouge give unprofitable glare on photos, any photographer will tell you.

6. Blush choose gentle natural shades - light pink, coral to give femininity and romance. Apply a thin layer. Do not give preference on this day to bronzers and artificial shades, this will help to avoid artificiality in a gentle way.

7. Lipstick should withstand kisses and feast, so use resistant textures and be sure to take it with you.

Wedding make-up
Photo: "Fen Dry Bar" and Admire Wedding Boutique

3 means that should be with you on your wedding day:

1. Compact matting powder.

2. Matting napkins. Matting or ordinary napkins are absolutely right for you. Just blot (do not rub, do not wipe!) T-zone. Only after that you can slightly powder the face, but not necessarily.

3. Waterproof lipstick.

Following these simple rules will help to be irresistible on your main day.

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