The most fashionable sweaters, cardigans and tops for the rainy summer of 2017

Fringed Sweater

Sales are wonderful by the fact that they reveal designer items at a twice reduced price, and even according to the season. For example, this natural wool sweater in front is essentially a shortened one, and a fringe only creates the look of warming matter.

Fringed McQ Alexander McQueen Sweater

McQ Alexander McQueen sweater with fringe (€ 179 at a discount)

Striped cardigan

In fact, this thing is something between a cardigan and a cape, which means that it can be worn in many different ways - like a jacket, like a top, tied with a belt, or like a huge shawl.

Cardigan Free People in stripes

Striped Free People Cardigan ($ 198)

Ribbon Top

In front, this top seems to be no different from others, but you can use long ribbons as you like and build something like a corset under the chest in front. Oh yeah, and wear it by all means, like Jane Birkin in the 60's, with jeans and without a bra.

Zara Ribbon Top

Top with ribbons Zara (1 899 rub.)

Knitted dress

We say "knitted dress", and we mean by this "grandmother" the concept of a very sexy thing. The American brand Non Blonde has creatively come to the point and created a dress with a non-trivial detail - a horizontal corset lacing on the chest.

Knitted Non Blonde Dress

Knitted Non Blonde Dress (8 943 rub.)

Mesh Sweater

This sweater is in mood reminiscent of our spring - everything is bad and everything is good, it is hot and cold at the same time, as if the weather now has the same informal approach to the seasons as the designer rocker-style brands (like the French IRO) - to clothes.

Mesh IRO.Jeans Sweater

IRO.Jeans sweater in the form of a grid ($ 248 at a discount)

Choker collar sweater

You may think that we chose this sweater solely because of the presence of a fashionable choker collar in color, but it has another secret: the sleeves are unfastened by half, which provides additional ventilation and gives this thing its own flavor.

Abracadabra sweater with a choker collar

Abracadabra Sweater with Choker Collar ($ 29.99 at a discount)

Knitted sweatshirt

Anyone who adores oversize, but is absolutely not ready to spend money on expensive designer brands from Scandinavia for him, this thing is guaranteed to taste not only with its comfortable cut, but also with the perfect gray color.

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