The most interesting and exciting movies about zombies

Fantastic films can not fail to attract attention, especially if they talk about the invasion of the living dead. And what pictures of zombies can be called the best?

Top 10 best zombie movies:

1. "Mad Men". In Ogden Marsh, a small American town in which everything was calm, peaceful and quiet before, something strange was beginning to happen. One of the residents comes to a baseball game with a loaded gun and is going to kill everyone. The other locks his son and wife in the closet and tries to burn down the house. What is happening in this city? Sheriff David Dutton decides to find out.

He begins an investigation and discovers in the local river the wreckage of a fallen and crashed military aircraft. Finding out that the water is taken from this river, David realizes that the whole thing is in the crashed plane, or rather in what was in it.

In a few days, the city turns into a terrible and dangerous place, and all of its inhabitants become real zombies seeking to kill. The city is in the quarantine zone, and the survivors are trying to escape.But they are caught up in something strange and secret.

2. "War of the Worlds Z". Former UN staff member Gerald Lane and his family are at the epicenter of terrible events. Philadelphia is attacked by a strange and unexplored virus, which in a matter of seconds turns all infected into aggressive, but incredibly fast, agile and strong zombies - the living dead.

To understand how to deal with a virus, you need to figure out how, in general, it appeared. Jerry goes on a scientific expedition, which should shed light on what is happening and help find salvation. In this expedition, many die, including a young and promising scientist. On the shoulders of Lane lies a huge responsibility. He must try out a drug that protects against zombies, and deliver it to hospitals.

3. "28 days later". Animal rights activists are fighting for the freedom of the monkeys on which they conduct experiments, and release them from enclosures. But they did not know that the animals were infected. And when the escaped monkey bites one of the activists, it becomes clear to everyone that the virus is very dangerous.

The disease begins to spread and turn all the sick into bloodthirsty and cruel walking dead who kill everyone around them.The virus is very quickly transmitted through blood, and soon the whole of London is almost empty, and the disease spreads throughout the country. Survivors and healthy trying to escape, but not all succeed. 28 days after the start of the spread of the infection, Jim is getting out of the coma. He does not understand what is happening and, together with the other survivors, decides to save humanity from extinction.

4. "28 weeks later 2". Events unfold a few weeks after what happened in the movie "28 days later." All infected are killed, and the military, trying to protect the survivors, create in London the so-called green zone - a fenced and guarded area in which everyone will be safe. Survivors of Donald Harris.

His children during the epidemic were abroad, and his wife was missing. The family decides to find a woman, comes out of the green zone and goes to her home, which was recently attacked by zombies. In it, Donald and his children find Alice alive and completely healthy.

But later it turns out that although she herself was not sick, she was the carrier of the virus. First, Donald is infected, but, as you know, the virus is insidious and dangerous.Everyone is in danger again. Can healthy ones beat zombies this time? Will mankind survive?

5. "Resident Evil"- a truly legendary film about the invasion of zombies. Umbrella's secret corporation, located deep underground, is developing and creating a dangerous and highly contagious T-virus. Someone decided to steal a flask with a virus and break it when trying to escape. Due to a fatal error, the virus breaks out and begins to spread rapidly among the population of the planet.

All infected become zombies - creatures devouring everything in their path. The corporation's computer system destroys all employees so that they do not become carriers, so it becomes impossible to ascertain the nature of the disease. The investigation is assigned to a special group. Her participant Alice falls into the center of a corporation and realizes that she is somehow connected to her. Moving along the numerous corridors, she gradually finds out the shocking details and comes to a clue.

6. “Planet of Fear”. Negligence of military and scientists has led to the fact that when one of them tried to get some extremely poisonous and dangerous gas for themselves, a part of volatile toxic substances got into the atmosphere of a small and practically abandoned Texas town.

Gas quickly spreads, and everyone who inhales it turns into merciless zombies. Most recently, nurse Dakota planned to escape from her husband-tyrant with her child, but now she has to help all those who went to the hospital with injuries. Among the survivors were Cherry Darling, who lost her leg due to the accident and decided to replace it with a machine gun, as well as her boyfriend. But all share one goal - the salvation of the world from the living dead.

7. "Dawn of the Dead". A nurse in a local hospital, Anna, discovers a strange anomaly in one of the patients. A man was bitten during a normal fight, but for some reason his condition worsens. The next day, the neighbor girl attacks Anna Luis' wife.

Meanwhile, in the news every now and then talk about the attacks on people. Louis dies from bleeding, but then suddenly comes to life and tries to kill his wife. Anna barely manages to escape, but realizes that the whole city is in danger. Survivors begin to fight with zombies and plan to reach the island, where there are no zombies yet. But this is not easy to do when there are solid monsters around.

8. “Welcome to Zombieland”- This is a comedy about zombies.In the plot of the United States of America does not exist, and chaos reigns in their former territory. Many have long become zombies and are trying to bite or kill those who are still healthy. Nobody knows why all this is happening, and how the zombies got on the planet. All others are concerned: the salvation and destruction of vile and merciless creatures.

A simple nerd who had never left the house, suddenly realized that he could survive and hide from the dead. Soon he meets a man who kills all the zombies that meet on the way. Then the two meet two sisters who dream of attending the rides. This crazy four goes on a journey and decides to survive at all costs.

9. "Evil Dead 4: The Black Book". According to the story, several young people, including Mia, her brother David and their friends Natalie, Olivia and Eric, go to an abandoned country house in which Mia plans to make a ritual of giving up drugs and starting a new life.

In the old basement, young people find a book written in an unknown and incomprehensible language. Eric learns the letters and reads a phrase that turns out to be a spell that woke up universal evil.Friends try to escape, but the bridge over the river disappears. And now they all have to fight the sinister dead, eager for death.

10. “The Diaries of the Dead”. A group of friends goes to the forest to shoot a horror film for the thesis work of one of them. They find themselves in the thickets and start shooting, but they hear on the radio that something terrible is happening around, and people are eating each other.

Having forgotten to turn off the cameras, young people decide to run home and escape, but instead of their relatives, they are met by zombies who want to deal with them. Friends go in search of a safe place, but they see murder and cruel reprisals everywhere. Having learned that the cameras were on all this time, young people decide not to turn them off in order to photograph the last moments of their lives. Video recording they call the diaries of the dead.

These were the most interesting films about the living dead.

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