The secret of the splendor of a blooming pillar: a vertical flower bed with your own hands

Vertical flower beds are increasingly becoming the decoration of summer cottage and household plots. Bright, eye-pleasing flower columns look great and do not require special care. The design which is thought over to trifles has special system of watering which is mounted in an earthen curbstone at an assembly stage. It is also convenient that the frame at the end of the season is not necessary to disassemble. Having assembled the stock under the bed only once, you can admire the fruits of your labor for years, periodically changing the soil and experimenting with varieties of flowers.

To create a vertical flowerbed with an irrigation system you will need:

  • a piece of thick pipe corresponding to the height of the future flower bed;
  • material for the plug;
  • wire frame or piece of mesh;
  • large capacity for the base;
  • dark agrofilm.

You will also have to stock up with drainage, a sufficient amount of soil and seedlings of flowers.Begonias, pelargoniums, ampelous varieties of petunias and other flowers with a long flowering period will be an ideal filling for such a design.

We make the frame so that its diameter is slightly smaller than the selected capacity. At the bottom of the tank put the drainage.

Prepare the pipe. For the entire length we make small holes in it and put a cap on one edge.

We place the pipe inside the construction of the cap down.

We fix the agrofilm on the walls of the frame in a convenient way and fill the tube with earth.

Then it remains only to make holes in the film and plant the seedlings.

For irrigation, it is enough to systematically fill the pipe with water. It will gradually penetrate into the soil.

After waiting just a couple of weeks, you can admire this miracle.

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