Warming a wooden house: important points

It’s not so difficult to build a tree house, especially if you use ready-made timber or frame blocks. A more demanding task is to conduct high-quality insulation of a wooden house. For sale today there are several options for insulation: ecowool, mineral wool, special plaster mixture, sawdust, clay-wood insulation, polyurethane foam and foam. Consider each of them in more detail to learn how to warm the house.

Mineral and ecowool

If the building was built from such materials as a cylindrical timber, and a log, it is recommended to carry out insulation using mineral or ecowool. Materials have several advantages:

  • Minimum thermal conductivity. Mineral and ecowool do not release heat from the room, isolating it. This means that the wooden house will become warm and comfortable.
  • Good breathability. The house does not have to build an additional ventilation system.Due to normal air circulation, there will be no areas with condensate on the walls.
  • Long service life. You can update the insulation once in 50 years.

Minvat is not afraid of rodents and insects and is easy to mount. Its disadvantage is the increased price.


This foam material retains heat even better than mineral wool. Distinguished by these advantages:

  • Durable in use - not affected by dampness, cold, insect grinders.
  • Easy installation - the mixture is easily sprayed onto the walls using a spray under pressure. No screws, screws and adhesive tapes!
  • Serves indefinitely.

The disadvantages of artificial material is the lack of air exchange in layers of polyurethane foam. In the house of timber or frame blocks will have to install a ventilation system.

It is not recommended to use foam plastic for warming a wooden house. It is, of course, cheap, but it serves a maximum of 10 years and is easily damaged by mice.

Natural insulation

The group of insulation materials made from natural materials includes sawdust and clay-wood mixture.Both must be made independently. Insulation costs very cheap: you can pick up sawdust and chips for free by booking an order on theBuy-and-Streamwebsite, and clay and concrete are inexpensive.

Cons of insulation - high thermal conductivity and manufacturing complexity. This is an option for those who want to reduce the cost of construction work.

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