Thermal insulation of balcony walls

A windswept, cluttered, cold and damp balcony is a rather dull sight, far from aesthetics and practicality. But it can quickly transform into a comfortable, cozy extension of the apartment with the help of modern technologies and materials. Tastefully chosen finishes, as well as high-quality insulation, can magically transform a balcony into an office, a greenhouse, a gym or just a pleasant place to relax.

What does quality warming mean

No matter how outwardly the balcony looks aesthetically pleasing, if it is cold, there will be little proc from it. And simple glazing with the removal of the radiator (which is prohibited) will not improve the situation, since the heat will still go outside. A cardinal solution to the problem of a cozy balcony lies in its high-quality insulation, and this is a whole range of activities, including the installation of good double-glazed windows, insulation of walls, ceiling and balcony base.

Glazing as the first stage

There are two most practical and effective ways to glaze a balcony - this is the use of PVC profile or aluminum. And the first is the most common. The complexity of this stage implies the obligatory involvement of professional performers in the work, if, of course, there is a serious focus on getting a really warm balcony. With all the nuances of PVC glazing can be found by clicking on the link, and here you can find qualified craftsmen.

The next stage is the choice of materials

Ideally, insulation is best done outside the balcony structure, which is more efficient. The formation of condensate on the surface of the insulation is excluded and the useful volume of the balcony does not decrease. But, for apartment buildings, this is unrealistic, because internal warming is usually performed. For these purposes, you can choose sheet or roll insulation materials. That is, the foam or its derivatives, as well as mineral wool. To eliminate condensation, all materials are used with a vapor barrier.

Walls and Ceiling

First of all, the entire inner surface of the balcony is insulated.For these purposes, the usual ruberoid is perfect, but you can use newer formulations. Further, the insulation material is fixed with glue and dowels, or for it a crate is constructed from antiseptic impregnated dry wood. A vapor barrier is installed on top of the insulation, using glue or double-sided tape.


Warming of the balcony base is considered as the most important stage. Initially, all defects of the base surface are eliminated, and waterproofing is performed. The base can be insulated with a screed, screed with a system of "warm floor" or arrange a wooden flooring on the logs.

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