Tips for choosing a secure front door to a private house

Plot suburban home ownership is always in sight, so the choice of the front door requires a special approach. Take into account the design features, external appeal, resistance to burglary. It is important to take into account that the design will be constantly exposed to atmospheric influences: temperature changes, solar radiation, precipitation. In addition, the main entrance complements the facade of the building, becoming part of the exterior. Manufacturers produce, which differ in technological, structural and design solutions.

Cloth in cut

Cottage or townhouse - an individual building. It is necessary to heat the premises independently by means of a gas or solid fuel boiler, which results in a round sum. To save, you need to eliminate heat loss. Thermomodernization of the house begins, first of all, with the replacement of the entrance door and windows with modern ones that do not let the cold into the dwelling.Design features of products - insulation and low thermal conductivity. Excellent proven, because between the sheets laid several (usually three) layers of insulating materials. The internal design is made as a double-glazed window. In addition, three seal contours, caprolon bushings, increased thickness of the box and door shield reliably prevent the penetration of cold and other external influences into the dwelling.

In the foreground

Steel doors that are used as street doors should not freeze or be covered with frost during the winter period, this applies to both the canvas and the door frame. This problem is often faced by homeowners, buying the design of mass production. In such products, there may be no inner insulating layer or paper or rolled glass wool is used as its quality, which does not bring results. The internal design of such doors is made of profiles of a closed loop, which allows the cold to migrate, because the thermal conductivity has become very high. Castle pockets for such products are covered with frost in frosty weather, since condensate accumulates in these areas.Modern engineering solutions have eliminated the problem of freezing through a special thermal insert, which prevents the movement of cold from the outer to the inner canvas.

Apartment owners can purchase a door that reliably protects them from intruders, noise and odors. This limits the selection criteria. Owners of private houses, it is important that the design meets the conditions of operation. The facade should not only have an attractive appearance, but also withstand the constant influence of the weather. Poor coating will quickly deteriorate under the influence of sunlight, moisture, icing.

Iron character

Strength and reliability are the main criteria when choosing an entrance door. Steel structures meet these requirements. The owners of private houses are faced with the question: how to avoid extra costs when choosing a reliable "armor" for the home? New technologies have improved the design, increasing the quality of locking mechanisms and resistance to cracking. For this purpose, spaced or two-system locks are cut into the canvas.The first are characterized by the presence of crossbar systems and the number of closure points. The second - the device mechanism. Two dependent systems (cylindrical and suvaldnaya) block each other. Functionality is time tested, such constipation is installed in safes. This is a good alternative to traditional models because it guarantees a high level of secrecy.

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