Tips for cooking crackers and dishes from them

Crackers are called tasty, crunchy cookies, which appeared in the 19th century. They quickly got accustomed, as they could well satisfy their hunger and be stored for a long time. This snack is still very popular today, especially for those who follow the figure, because crackers can be cooked without adding sugar or fat, which means they have a low calorie content.

Today, they are used to prepare sandwiches, salads, snack cakes, desserts and canapes. However, not everyone buys finished products, as many manufacturers do not spare the preservatives and flavors - many housewives are happy to make cookies and dishes from it with their own hands.

Cook at home

The very first species contained nothing but water and flour. So it did not last long, and soon the recipe was supplemented with sugar and salt, cheese and nuts, as well as various fragrant spices. These cookies are universal and are prepared with almost any additives, including cottage cheese and potatoes.Yes, and the recipe itself has changed quite a lot - today cookies are baked from different types of pastry, baked or fried, with the addition of fat and without.

The products have their main secret of preparation: the dough for them should be kneaded for a short time (no more than 5 minutes) - so you can get especially delicate, crunchy and crumbly specimens. The longer the dough is kneaded, the tighter and harder the snack will be. If the dough contains vegetable oil, it is recommended to hold it at a low temperature before cooking.

Next, the dough is rolled up to the state of the layer, the thickness of which should not exceed 4 mm, after which different figures are cut out of it. Sometimes small sausages are baked first, which are then cut into slices and dried again in the oven - the approach to baking is not limited.

Holes that are made for biscuits are required not only for beauty - with their help, the products are well baked and remain flat. At home, such holes can be made with a fork, a wooden stick, a knife and any other suitable object.


Cheese varieties are a great base for sandwiches.For cooking you will need about 150 g of hard cheese, which must be grind. Next, you need to separate the egg white from the yolk and thoroughly sift the wheat flour (150 g).

The next step is to grind the flour and butter in your palms until the mass is homogeneous in appearance. This should be done quickly, adding yolk with cheese. As a result, you should get a homemade dough that does not stick to your hands - it is placed in the fridge for an hour, after wrapping it with food film.

Having pulled out, the cheese ball should be divided into several parts, which are rolled out to flat cakes - from them, later, the figures for the future cookies are cut out.

In the cakes, you need to make holes, put on a buttered base and send them to the oven, preheated to 170-180º C. It is recommended to bake cheese cookies for no more than 14-15 minutes - you can determine the readiness by a light golden tint. Do not remove the cookies from the sheet immediately - it is better to allow the products to cool down, as they can easily break when hot.

Now we learn how to cook delicious salty varieties.

Salty species

This recipe is so simple that beginning cooks may well take it.On a large grater need to rub the butter cream and add about 200 g of flour. Salt is added to taste. In the resulting mass, it is necessary to add milk in the amount of 60 ml, after which knead a dense, not sticky and elastic dough. As you can see, the composition of the products is extremely simple.

Next, you need, like in the previous recipe, to put the dough in the fridge - this will help make it easily moldable, and then form various figures of future products.

Do not neglect the holes on the surface before sending products to the furnace. Baked products at 200 º for about 14-15 minutes.

Salty varieties are an excellent basis for cheese, fish, meat and vegetable canapes, as well as for a snack cake, the recipe of which is given just below.

Fascinating and simple

Creating a cracker cake is an exciting and very simple process that does not require specific products and a lot of free time. To create this delicate and tasty dish, you need a baked, salty copy of a rectangular shape in the amount of 300 g. By the cookies you will need canned pink salmon (1 can), 4 hard boiled eggs, hard cheese (about 100 g), garlic, mayonnaise and green onions.

To prevent the structure from being damaged, the first thing to do is to make a substrate of solid material (for this purpose you can take, for example, a cutting board) or immediately lay out the layers on a serving dish.

Next you need to lay down the first cracker layer and smear with mayonnaise thoroughly. Grate cheese and mix with chopped garlic, then sprinkle with the mixture of garlic and cheese first layer with mayonnaise.

The next layer is spread on the cheese, which is also smeared with mayonnaise, and onion is sprinkled with onion, previously chopped. From canned food it is necessary to remove excess liquid and bones. Then the fish is kneaded, mixed with mayonnaise and laid out on a layer of onions, and another cracker layer is laid on top, which must be thickened with mayonnaise and sprinkled with grated protein.

On all this, the cookies are again laid out and coated with mayonnaise. The final layer is sprinkled with a grated yolk and left for some time to soak the layers. Serve and eat this dish should be like a cake, slicing the right size pieces. If you do not want to make a cake, you can make a salad out of cookies.

Budget and unusual!

Cookies salad recipes using a huge variety. Basically, such food is prepared with fish or crab sticks, but you can try to cook a salad of cookies with apples - a budget and very unusual option. It does not take long to prepare it. To make such a salad, you should stock up on parmesan cheese, goat cheese, red apples, arugula, balsamic sauce and olive oil.

From the grated Parmesan, it is necessary to form cakes that are cooked in the oven for 7-10 minutes. In the bowl you must put the rukola, sliced ​​goat cheese, as well as finely chopped apple slices. Mix with olive oil, add balsamic sauce, then crush the resulting cheese cakes and pour them into the resulting salad.

Crackers are ideal for preparing a variety of dishes. Adding biscuits to the salad, you can give it a special taste, which will appeal to many. In addition, the cracker dishes are prepared very quickly and simply, and the cracker taste is combined with a large number of products, which gives a vast scope for culinary experiments.

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