Top 10 Best Extending Mascaras

If by nature your cilia are not as long as you would like, then this can be corrected with the help of quality cosmetics. And for this it is necessary to find out the rating of the best lengthening carcasses.

How to make the right choice?

To choose a quality and, importantly, a suitable mascara with the effect of lengthening, pay attention to the following points:

  • Composition. In the extension carcass, microfilaments of silk are almost always contained, which cling to the ends of the eyelash and literally build it up. Also in the composition there are pigments, wax. Useful ingredients are vitamins, oils, hyaluronic acid.
  • The brush. There are a lot of forms and configurations at the moment, and the choice depends on your habits and personal preferences: some like silicone applicators, others like bristly ones. And in order to find what you need, you should try several options in action and adapt yourself. The cone-shaped shape allows staining the eyelashes in the corners, the spiral-shaped mascara distributes the entire length, and the cylindrical ensures a uniform staining.
  • The consistency should be medium: liquid mascara will not perform its tasks, and excessively thick weights eyelashes and not distributed evenly.
  • Drying time Optimum - no more than 90 seconds. If the mascara dries too slowly, it will probably leave marks on the upper eyelids when blinking. And with excessively fast drying, you will not have time to distribute the tool and completely paint over all the eyelashes.
  • Persistence If you lead an active lifestyle, you should choose waterproof mascara.
  • Painting. When applied, the mascara should be evenly and fully distributed over all cilia, not to roll, not to form lumps and not to weight the cilia.

The best lengthening mascaras

We offer the top 10 of the coolest mascaras for your eyelashes with a lengthening effect:

  1. Listing the best lengthening mascaras, it is imperative to mention “Hypnose Star Mascara” from the famous luxury company “Lancome”. It is not cheap (about 1700-1800 rubles), but if you are ready to spend money, choose this tool. It just perfectly copes with its main task and not only gives the cilia the missing length and additional volume, but also improves the condition, as well as increases the thickness and gives a healthy glow.The color is saturated, perfect staining and no lumps, the look is natural. But the mascara does not dry quickly and does not withstand the direct effects of water.
  2. “Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black” from the famous cosmetics company L’OREAL due to its high content of pigments after dyeing gives the cilia a rich and deep coal black color. The texture is light and sparse, immediately distributed over the surface and does not form lumps. Keeps the tool well, washed off easily, but requires skill when used for uniform application. Usually the skill is formed after several uses, but some mascara still does not seem the most convenient. And there are those who note that the tube is not stored for a long time in the tube, as it is prone to drying out.
  3. This mascara belongs to the category of luxury, but the cost is justified by unique properties. The viscosity and density are optimal, the application is comfortable and uniform, without clumping and gluing, the tool dries quickly on eyelashes, does not leave marks on the eyelids and is durable, is removed by any makeup remover. Cilia noticeably elongate, twist and acquire a beautiful bend, become shiny and attractive.Also to the pluses is the fact that the mascara is suitable for owners of sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions and irritations.
  4. "Le Volume de Chanel Mascara". The first thing that deserves attention is the brush, which has an unusual shape with bristles of different lengths and discs located at different levels. Enough staining in one layer for obvious lengthening, but also eyelashes find a beautiful bend. Acacia resin, waxes and vibes make the texture light and enveloping each hair without weighting and lumps. In addition, the tool can be used when wearing contact lenses and susceptibility to allergies.
  5. The Max Factor company developed the Masterpiece mascara, and it not only perfectly copes with its main task of lengthening, but also qualitatively separates, slightly twists the cilia, adds a noticeable volume and density, gives them a truly rich shade and beautiful expressive appearance. . Soft silicone brush, very comfortable, evenly and quickly spreading mascara over the surface. The agent does not form lumps, does not roll when applied, does not cause undesirable reactions and is available in several shades.
  6. "Maybelline" offers "Lash Sensational" with a curved brush that provides a pronounced twist effect and gives the cilia an expressive attractive bend. But these are not all the dignities: firstly, mascara is consumed economically; secondly, it does not form lumps and after drying does not crumble; third, it is stable and stays with you throughout the day; fourthly, it separates the eyelashes qualitatively.
  7. “Volume Glamor ULTRA CARE” from “Bourjois”. The texture of this mascara is pleasant and creamy, which makes the application uniform and comfortable. Painting without gluing, lumps and spider legs. This tool is perfect even for owners of sensitive eyes, stays steadfast all day and does not crumble, does not leave ugly marks on the eyelids. Elongation is pronounced, additional volume is also observed.
  8. "DIVAGE 90 * 60 * 90" - inexpensive, but very high quality mascara, which has a rather dense texture, which allows not only fully lengthening the cilia, but also making them denser, giving expressive look. The resistance is high, but at the same time the agent is well and quickly removed with micellar water or with any eye makeup remover.The color is very saturated, the product does not smear and does not spill after drying. You can both achieve the effect of extended cilia, and create a natural make-up.
  9. Vivienne Sabo Cabaret is a good mascara that has an affordable and pleasant price. With all its tasks, this tool copes with all 100%: it adds the missing volume, perfectly lengthens, prevents bonding due to the content of wax and oils in the composition, has a nourishing effect on weakened hairs, and also daily cares for your cilia. The brush is small silicone, and at first it seems uncomfortable to some.
  10. Extra Super Lash was developed by Rimmel London cosmetics company. There are a lot of advantages. The first is a very nice price. The second is a curved helix brush that is comfortable and perfectly stains the cilia. The third is a noticeable effect of lengthening, giving expressiveness to the look. The fourth advantage is the additional volume as a bonus.

If you still have not decided on the choice of lengthening mascara, then the presented rating and tips will help you.

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