Tree in the interior

A country house is not just a home, it is a place where people get rid of external problems and have a rest with their soul. Therefore, the interior of country houses is made accordingly - for it the maximum use of natural materials. If you use a stone, then necessarily marble or granite, the floors of which look just gorgeous. If a tree, then certainly an array of valuable species. Wood can be used in the interior of the house very widely: for the manufacture of doors, stairs, furniture. In the “wooden” interior it is easy to breathe, and the soul acquires calm and gets rest.

However, when designing the interior of a tree, the question arises, what array of species to choose to realize their desires. Here, for example, offers an array of oak, other companies prefer ash, walnut, pine or birch. What is the difference between these rocks? Conifers have lightness and softness, but at the same time they do not lose their strength, they are very wear-resistant and resistant to mechanical damage. Products made of pine and spruce in the interior have a pure amber color, which can acquire different shades of noble yellow.Oak in the interior - by virtue of generally accepted opinion, it is a symbol of wealth and fashionableness. But this is not only an opinion, it is a fact: this breed of wood has a high hardness, resistance to moisture and durability. In addition, the oak is distinguished by aesthetic properties: it has an attractive texture, thanks to which many design ideas are realized, and the interiors of oak really become luxurious. An example of such an interior can be seen in the company Legnostyle.

The properties of oak approaching nut, but it is a bit softer. Its texture is characterized by smooth transitions, the presence of halftones. The color gamut of a nut is rich: it can be pastel-beige and red, yellowish and chocolate. The interior is important one feature of the nut - over time, it darkens, acquiring the old nobility and elegance.

Karelian birch is exquisite and refined and conveys these qualities to the interior made of it. Birch has an unusual honey-amber color with dark veins. It is durable, durable and moisture resistant, many people prefer birch to oak, because it is not inferior to its properties, and sometimes even surpasses them.

The choice of wood for creating the interior is determined by the design of products made of wood, as well as the purpose of these products.

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