Types of wardrobe systems

Wardrobe - is the necessary furniture for each person. It serves to store clothes, shoes and accessories in a beautiful and neat appearance. They are different for the material of manufacture, color and dimensions. Therefore, it is convenient to select a room for any interior.

Types of Wardrobes for Organizations

There are different types of wardrobe systems, depending on the material of manufacture. View more about them.

  1. Frame differ in the manufacture of aluminum brackets and racks, which strengthen the shelves. They are easy to assemble, assemble or add new details.
  2. Cabinet types are similar to wardrobes. They are made of DPS, so they are inexpensive. They are often installed along the walls and take up little space.
  3. Mesh type consists of mounting baskets for things on prefabricated pedestals. There you can also add departments for shoes and accessories.
  4. Panel systems are attached to walls, so they have good stability. Externally, they are very compact and take up little space.

Where to order or buy wardrobe systems?

Any kinds of wardrobe for organizations can be found on the company's website http://garderobprofi.ru. This is where you will find a huge amount of products at the most attractive prices. In addition to the wardrobes themselves, you can also pick up additional items, such as hangers, hangers, fittings, numbering, hooks and even furniture.

The cost of wardrobe systems depends on the material of manufacture, size and timing of the order. From time to time there are promotions and special offers, as well as discounts for regular customers.

More information about the price list of prices can be found at the operators. To do this, call the number listed on the site. Consultants can also ask their questions and place an order with them. It is done within a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the implementation.

Our advantages

  • Fast execution of orders of any complexity.
  • Use only quality and reliable materials
  • Long life of the wardrobe.
  • Huge selection of assortment and optional accessories.
  • Facilities in registration, payment and receipt of goods
  • Affordable prices, promotions and discounts

Hurry up to order wardrobe systems with us!

Order wardrobes for organizations that will suit your taste and will meet all the requirements and wishes. Only in our company you will find a huge selection of wardrobe systems, attractive prices, high quality, quick receipt and long service life of the purchased goods.

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