Use peppermint to escape annoying insects and other pests.

Many of us are familiar with the beneficial properties of mint. Great tea and other drinks come out of the plant. The smell of mint refreshes and invigorates. The great advantage is the fact that you can find fragrant leaves almost anywhere. If it does not grow in your garden, just sprinkle the seeds over the soil. You can even grow mint on the windowsill by simply putting a sprig in the water. But in addition to eating mint can be used as a natural insect repellent and other pests.

1. Use peppermint to drive away rats and mice.

Rodents have a very keen sense of smell, and it is to the mint essential oils that they are particularly sensitive. Just a few shredded leaflets are enough to turn annoying parasites to flight. The main thing - to find a suitable place where rodents exactly stumble on the leaves.These can be rapids, burrows and crevices in the floor, through which animals usually enter the house. Look for places where droppings accumulate, scratches and damaged wallpapers. Pound or chop mint leaves and leave in such places, and in the near future the rodents will leave the house.

2. Save your home from spiders

If there are too many cobwebs in the house, mint will come to the rescue again. In this case, it is better to use the essential oil of the plant. Dilute the oil in proportions of 1: 9 with water, pour it into a spray bottle and spray on the walls and corners. Also, treat the areas around the windows and doors. Repeat this procedure daily for a week, and the eight-legged invaders will be forced to leave.

3. Get rid of flea pets

Even the fleas are afraid of the smell of mint. So use a fragrant plant to keep pests away from your pets. Best of all this trick works with dogs. Collect mint leaves and put in a cotton fabric bag. Put the bag on the place where the dog usually rests. A few days later the dog will stop itching and gnaw wool.

Now you do not have to spend money on harmful chemicals.Instead, try a remedy that nature itself has invented. Say goodbye to parasites who are trying to aggressively invade your space. Say "hello" to the mint!

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