Vintage chests in the interior of the apartment

Ancient objects have long been used by people as decoration of premises, it's not for nothing that someone said long ago that everything new is a well-forgotten old. Today, the addition of antiquities to the decor of the interior is a full-fledged stylistic trend called the vintage style.

Style Features

The word vintage has come to our everyday speech from the field of winemaking. In this area, it refers to the identification of the crop or wine by year of production. Over timethis term began to denote a variety of old or second-hand things and objects, in which you can breathe a second life and use again. But is not that what we mean when we talk about antique or retro style? Let's understand the intricacies.

The fact is thatthe vintage style can be attributed only to those objects, whose age is 50-100 years old. If they are younger, these are retro items, and if they are older, they are real antiques.Of course, without going into details, you can call these words synonymous, but when you want to create an interior in the appropriate style and buy interesting vintage jewelry boxes and dressers, it’s desirable to know these details.

Vintage style is a harmonious blend of antique items that can be purchased even at a flea market or found at collectors. It blends casual and eclectic style.

Vintage style for different rooms

Kitchen.For this room you can pick up a few old pieces that will radically transform it. For example, curtains or short curtains with characteristic aged prints. If you want a more radical change, then purchase tables, chairs or stools decorated with chrome and enamel. For complete immersion in the atmosphere do not forget about cutlery and crystal dishes.

Bedroom.You can start the transformation from the bed and choose a wood or metal frame for it. From furniture to create an interior in the described style, vintage chests, puffs or chests are ideal. Excellent models can be purchased at the way, in the same place you will find original screens for changing clothes, mirrors and lamps in vintage style, which will harmoniously fit into the bedroom design.

Living room.For the sofa, purchase small decorative pillows and a “antique” rug. Walls can be decorated with vintage wooden photo frames, wall or desk clocks.

Chest - one of the main elements of a vintage interior

This piece of interior is not only beautiful, but also functional. It was not without reason that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers kept things in dressers. Today, this piece of furniture can be used in almost any room.

A chest of drawers in the vintage style set in the living room,can be supplemented with a mirror and turn it into an original dressing table. Put next to him an ottoman of the appropriate style for antiquity and feel like a fatal beauty of the 30s.

For a children's room, a wide dresser can be used as a changing table.A wooden vintage chest of drawers is an environmentally friendly piece of furniture that is absolutely safe for the baby, and its height will allow the mother not to bend down low.

In the living room or in the corridor you can placevintage style dressers that will serve to store everyday household items, and you can place decor items on them. For example, vases, photo frames, boxes, small baskets for trifles. If, while creating the interior of the cabinet, you preferred wood, then in this room you can place a suitable vintage chest of drawers.

Chests are universal assistants and ideal pieces of furniture in the rooms of vintage style.

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