Vodyanova supported Samoilov and provoked a scandal

The model, without even realizing it, spoke very emotionally about the situation with Eurovision.

There has always been a lot of controversy around Eurovision! But this time the music competition is on everyone’s lips. The first channel launched a 27-year-old singer from Ukhta, Julia Samoilova. But the security service of Ukraine refused her entry into the country, as a result of which the Russian singer automatically dropped out of the competition.

The reason was that the girl performed in Kerch (in their opinion, the occupied territory of Crimea) at the festival "World of Sport and Good." Then the organizers of the contest offered the girl to sing on Skype, but she refused. After all, the format of the competition initially involves a live performance.

On a par with many stars, Natalya Vodyanova also wished to express her opinion.

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"How is this possible? (Engl - next post) My heart bleeds, although only a week ago I was elated with happiness, having learned that beauty Yulia Samoilova would represent Russia at Eurovision.I did not even think about the fact that the host country is Ukraine, and Yulia can become a hostage in political games, from which we all will lose - citizens of both Russia and Ukraine. My grandmother is from Ukraine, I have half of our relatives there. I really hope that my Ukrainian friends and relatives will hear me and will support my words. We will not allow #Euro-hating! ”- the model expressed emotionally.

Who would have thought that with one word Natalya would provoke a real scandal. Hashtag # Evronizheniya instantly spread over the network.

Later, Natalia added in the comments that she did not want to offend anyone, but merely support the performer.

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