Warming of the wall with expanded polystyrene

Warming of the apartment with polystyrene foam is one of the most common methods of warming your home. What is the advantage of this type of insulation? And the advantage is that the insulation of the apartment with foam polystyrene is carried out indoors and each owner of the apartment can cope with this task. Also, the advantage of such insulation can be attributed to the absence of hired high-altitude workers who take a lot of money for their services.

Why do I need to use polystyrene foam?

Because polystyrene foam is much more dense than foam plastic in its structure. When striking against a wall, polystyrene foam will be more resistant to dents. Also, do not forget that in terms of heat saving the thickness of expanded polystyrene equals to the same two thicknesses of foam. And for internal warming it saves space. Therefore, the insulation of the apartment with expanded polystyrene will be more appropriate. If you still decideperform the apartment polystyrene self-warming, you can cope with this task without problems if you follow the tips and tips below. To perform the insulation of the apartment with expanded polystyrene, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:
  • - perforator with a chisel and a 10-bit drill;
  • - electric drill with mixer for mixing mortar mixes
  • - bucket, toothed and flat spatula, hammer
  • - adhesive for expanded polystyrene plates
  • - umbrellas or fungi for fixing expanded polystyrene plates (fixing rod 10 mm.);
  • - polystyrene plates with a thickness of 20 mm.
  • - mesh for plastering works,
  • - putty.

Ute singing a wall with styrofoam with your own hands

First of all you need to prepare walls for insulation.

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