We need the advice of experienced people - why is the attitude of the boss to the trainee -

I was an intern - the first 2 -3 days had a good attitude, the mood - I tried to joke - defuse the situation - I did not succumb - I behaved seriously.

Then after that - as I come every time a disgruntled expression on my face - recently I began to send me to another employee to train (maybe to get experience - he has a different department, I don’t know), although I do everything

Lowers her eyes when meeting - as if I disgusted her and unpleasant -

Tell me - why so ?? did she at first want to run errands for me — I didn’t succumb to her and she was angry or what?


I am not a fortune teller, but, I dare to assume, since the boss tried to joke with you, it means she liked you. Since you have not responded to her humor and flirting, she just gets angry and sent you out of sight. That's the whole riddle solution. Whom she from you wanted to do, we will not know.Spring ... Perhaps even a lover ...


And if you take into account that factor - that they called for me from above - could it somehow influence? on such an attitude

Yes, it could well be, if you are someone's protege.

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