We sculpt the Mouse from polymer clay (plasticine)

Polymer clay mouse- we make a cute little mouse from plasticine or polymer clay. A master class in modeling is great for sharing creativity with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. plasticine or polymer clay;
  2. board for sculpting;
  3. toothpick;
  4. tool for sculpting.

Step 1

We sculpt the body of a mouse. Take a piece of white clay, roll out, cut out a tummy in the form of a drop and glue it to the body.

Step 2

Now we sculpt the lower legs and the tail of white clay and attach it to the body.

Step 3

We sculpt the upper legs and fasten the mouse to the body.

Step 4

We sculpt the head: roll the ball and give it a face shape. Next - the ears.

We fasten the head to the body so that the head holds better, we use a toothpick: we stick a toothpick into the body, and then we put the head on it.

At the end, make eyes. Everything is aclay mouseready.

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