What are torrents and how to use them?

Sooner or later, many computer users are happy to discover a torrent for themselves - a program that makes it possible very quickly to download movies, games, any other files. Those people who have not yet mastered this program should tell more about what a torrent is. And also about how to use the program correctly, and where you can download files from.

Torrent is a protocol that serves only to allow users to exchange files among themselves. Only users can download not from any server, but directly from each other’s computers. The protocol itself chooses the fastest sources, and if something happens to them, it switches to spare ones.

Each file is downloaded not gradually, but in small separate sections. This is done so that the user who started the download immediately took part in the distribution. That is, users who connect later, download those segments that have already managed to get to the computer of the very first.

In fact, using the program is a snap; she does everything herself. On the server on which the user clicks the "Download" button, files are not stored. The site where the user is located simply serves as the distribution coordinator. Only now, if no one distributes the file at the moment, it will not be downloaded, but such situations are extremely rare.

A huge advantage is that the work of the torrent does not load the computer. The user will not feel any discomfort while downloading the file, the computer will not work more slowly.

Using the torrent is incredibly convenient. This makes it possible to quickly and easily download a variety of files, even very large ones. Learning to use the program is very simple, management is carried out by simple intuitive commands.

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