What crafts to make from batteries?

Finger, pinky, tablet-batteries are all sources of power for various small household appliances and electronics. But when they stop working, we usually throw them in the trash. And it is strictly prohibited to do this. They must either be handed over to a special reception center, from where they will go for recycling, or they can try to give them a “second life” by making a craft. You can also use new batteries for this. And if you do this with your child, delight is guaranteed.

Turn on the fantasy

In addition to the fact that the old non-working batteries can be used to play letters, words, and also put together various figures, such as a rocket, a house, a little man, something more interesting can be made of them.


Schoolchildren will be interested in this process in that it will be possible to see the principles of physics through an example. But for younger children, such a flashlight will be a great addition to a toy house, city or garage with cars.It is only necessary to show a little imagination in the design.

For the creative process will be needed:

  • battery;
  • small light bulb;
  • fine copper wire;
  • cardboard;
  • dough or clay for modeling.

The first thing you need to do is nutrition and lighting. Since the power of the miniature light bulb is not at all great, and the old battery still has a small power, you can be sure that the light will appear if the circuit is properly connected.

To do this, using adhesive tape, attach one part of the wire to the "minus", and winding the second piece of wire on the bulb, glue it to the "plus". For convenience, you can do this with a small piece of plasticine.

Next thing is already in fantasy. To make the flashlight glow, you need to connect the two ends of the wire. Therefore, such a simple design can be turned into a beetle with a mustache and wires, and the power source can be pasted over with cardboard, or stuck with dough or clay to make wings and legs.

If you want to create a semblance of a street lamp, make it vertical, and from a cardboard cut a simple cylinder that you need to put on the battery. It will serve as a lamppost.

Electric motor in miniature

If you use new batteries, it is quite possible to build a small motor at home. Items needed to create this small “miracle of technology” will be found in almost any home:

  • battery;
  • neodymium magnet (it is he who conducts the current);
  • wire;
  • paper clips;
  • sandpaper.

Wind the wire on the battery, then carefully remove the power source and secure the ends, tying them into a knot on each side. It should make a ring with postings on both sides. These ends need to be stripped with sandpaper.

Next, unbent clips are attached to both ends of the battery with the help of a reinforced adhesive tape, and a ring-rotor is passed through them.

A magnet is placed on the power source, and at this time the rotor should start to rotate. If this does not happen, you can gently push the ring with your finger. "Eternal" engine is ready!

These are some simple inventions can be built from batteries at home. It is a good option for studying physics and conducting experiments.

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