What dreams of a basement?

The basement is a dark, damp and gloomy place. This is a room in which you do not want to be long. However, it can also serve as a shelter in times of danger, and is also a place to store vegetables, fruits, and canned foods for the winter. However, what does it mean if this room appeared in the plot of our dream. Consider what the basement dreams about, how authoritative dream books interpret this image.

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What does a basement mean in a dream

Imperial Dream

According to this ancient source, seeing a basement in a dream and looking into it means that you are looking for some answers in the past. Such a dream is a symbol of the stopping of time, in other words, a dead end and hopelessness.

What dreams of a basement, this source explains, depending on the characteristics of the room. To feel in a dream the dampness and gloom of the basement, the loss of orientation in a dark place is a reflection of subconscious anxiety, anxiety.

If you climb into the basement of your own will, this means that in reality you have lost solid ground under your feet, foundation, life guidelines and are trying to cope with this condition.This dream should also be understood that from the past you want to return or repeat some act or emotion. However, you should not think about the past, as constant repetition will not allow you to move on. It is better to strive for something new. So, according to this dream book, the basement should be understood in your dream.

If in a dream you get into the basement not against your will, that is, someone pushes you there, it should be understood that you, trying to sort out your problems, are looking for an answer not there, go the wrong way.

The darkness of the room means a lack of understanding of what is happening in the present, an attempt to blame others for their problems. Seeing such a dream, it should be regarded as a warning about possible changes in the current situation in an unfavorable direction.

If we consider a dream from the point of view of health issues, it can indicate diseases of the spleen or kidneys.

Modern dream book

A dream, a basement in which it acts as a store or cellar where stocks are stored, foreshadows an improvement in financial position, a successful completion of current affairs, an income that will survive thanks to your forethought.But the plot of the dream, where you are in a dark and gloomy underground room, warns that in real life you can expect danger. Try not to risk unnecessarily once again.

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