What dreams about the surgeon (doctor)

The doctor who came to see in a dream can testify about many things. First of all, it is a reason to think about your health. For accuracy of interpretation, it is necessary to remember which physician was present in the dream. For example, the surgeon is dreaming of the threat from colleagues or superiors.

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What does a dream about a surgeon mean?

Mythological dream book

The main work of the surgeon is to carry out operations of different parts of the body. So, a dream with the participation of this doctor symbolizes various kinds of energy processes that take place in the human body. In the future, his spiritual outlook must change and become more perfect.

Modern dream book

Surgeon's tools usually dream when relationships with business partners are about to deteriorate. For a young woman, what he saw serves as a harbinger of a painful condition. It is necessary to worry about your health in advance. Also, this dream speaks of unpleasant emotions that you get to communicate with a friend.

Everyday dream book

Seeing yourself as a surgeon in a dream is a bad sign. Stop bothering others with your advice, otherwise this behavior may end badly. If you see a doctor who operates on you, get ready for a difficult choice between your family and your loved one. The girl doctor sometimes dreams during the upcoming gynecological surgery.

Dream interpretation by D. Loff

According to this dream, the surgeon is a symbol of the accumulated problems. Ways to solve them will be quite painful, however, the result is worth it. For a while, you will need to be steadfast and deal with the negative emotions that will arise after settling all topical issues.

Dream interpretation by Z. Freud

A doctor with a scalpel in his hands can see people with sadistic inclinations. After such a dream, you should listen to your inner feelings, and, perhaps, visit a psychologist. If you do not call yourself an aggressive person, then imagined means that the body just needs rest.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

A surgeon in a dream warns of possible failures. Think of the planned cases, it is better to postpone for some time,otherwise, you will have difficulty with their implementation. Do not worry, because this period of bad luck will not last long.

Esoteric dream book

Survive the operation in your dreams to the emergence and development of new abilities. The dreamer can become clairvoyant or learn how to heal the diseases of others with the touch of his hands. If you dream that you are operating someone, you need to stop in reality to manipulate others.

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