What is a plane?

The concept of a plane has one of the meanings, like some simplest smooth surface, an example of which is a mirror or a table.
The term "plane" is used to denote the level of something. For example, the plane of the surface of the water. In a figurative sense, the inclined plane means a drop in the level of development.
The plane in mechanics means the working surface of the mechanism. For example, in aviation there is the term plane of the wing, i.e. surface of the wing that is exposed to air currents. In electromechanics, there is the concept of a plane of polarization, which means the direction of propagation of a polarized electromagnetic wave.
In visual art and in descriptive geometry, a plane means a surface onto which a given object or part of a mechanism is projected. There are several types of planes, frontal, horizontal, etc.
In modern Russian, the term "plane" is used to define the scope of some phenomena, processes.Usually it is used in book expressions, public speaking, scientific works. For example, the plane of political interests. Also, a plane can also mean a research method, a point of view on a certain object, a phenomenon. Another meaning of the word "plane" is a stereotype, triviality, pattern of thinking or perception of a business or event.
In colloquial speech, there is another meaning of this word. The plane means a mean joke, stupidity. Flat sharpness, for example, is called unfunny, vulgar, and sometimes offensive, mockery.

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