What is KVN?

Alina Olkhovich
Alina Olkhovich
January 10, 2013
What is KVN?

KVN is a favorite television game not only of the older generation, but also of the modern youth. Despite its longevity, it does not lose its popularity, as more and more young people try their hand at the humorous genre, and in particular, at KVN.

What is KVN? In the abbreviation is hidden the name - the Club of Fun and Resourceful. This is a humorous game in which teams compete in different competitions.

KVN history

There was a game back in the 60s of the last century. The teams recruited students, pupils, pioneers, who in their jokes revealed the state of affairs in the country. In this regard, the transfer even closed, but then re-revived. And this revival was even brighter, because KVN has become one of the most popular programs in Russia and the CIS countries.

There are few strict rules in this game - the competition must occur between the teams (at least two participants in the team), each of which has a captain, and the game must be divided into contests, which may vary in different games. As a rule, the team has its own costume, which makes them recognizable.

Each game has a specific theme in which jokes should be born. In addition to the general theme of the game, the thematic title is also given to each competition separately.

The most popular KVN contests

  • Greeting (at the beginning of the game, teams present themselves. Mostly text jokes and miniatures)
  • Music competition (performance should be based on the performance of songs, dances or playing instruments)
  • Homework (scenes, miniatures, text jokes. Maybe the "Musical homework." Most often - almost the whole theatrical story in jokes, set by the team)
  • Warm-up (in 30 seconds teams in turn should give a ridiculous answer to the question asked by the opposing teams, the audience from the audience, the jury members or the moderator)
  • Captain Competition (team captains compete)
  • STEM (different from homework in that there should be no more than 3 people on the stage)

There are also many other contests.

Famous KVN players

Many of the KVN participants became popular actors and hosts: G. Khazanov, L. Yakubovich, V. Pelsh, P. Volya, M. Galustyan, V. Zelensky, S. Permyakova, A. Revva, T. Rodriguez, G. Kharlamov, S. Slepakov and many others.

Now you know what KVN is - watch and laugh!

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