What is the commission in ATMs?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
February 13, 2013
What is the commission in ATMs?

One of the components of the business of bankers is charging a fee when withdrawing funds from ATMs. Sometimes such a business is built on deception, customers simply do not know how much cash in excess of their amount was withdrawn by the bank. However, the owners of plastic cards have become accustomed to this state of affairs and put up with it. But still it is worth knowing what the commission in ATMs.

Commission for depositing and withdrawing funds

The commission for cash withdrawals at ATMs for each of us has become common and commonplace. We even stopped noticing him. Quickly withdrawing money in shopping centers, airports, train stations, we absolutely do not notice how the e-wallet begins to rapidly empty. Each bank sets its fee for the service when withdrawing money from ATMs. It depends on how much the client wants to get on their hands. Typically, this fee is from 0.5 to 5% of the amount of withdrawals. The commission for input will be less, and will be from 0.3 to 2% of the amount contributed.If the client decides to cash out money in his own ATM, the bank will either not take a commission at all or make it symbolic. However, some banks, such as Alfa Bank, for example, charge a fee even at their ATMs. Sometimes a client can leave 5% of the withdrawn amount. Quite often, the bank sets limits on the commission for withdrawal. In this case, it will be most advantageous to withdraw large amounts immediately. But, sometimes, if the card is owned by a native bank, the client is allowed to withdraw funds, not exceeding a certain amount, in one ATM.

Commission in Sberbank of Russia

Let's take a look at the commission at Sberbank ATMs when withdrawing funds. This bank allows its customers to withdraw no more than 300 thousand rubles per day. no commission. If the amount is higher, you will have to pay a commission of 1%.

Withdrawal without commission

It will be very useful for holders of plastic cards to find out which ATMs do not charge a commission. Fortunately, today, an increasing number of banks are refusing to withdraw commission when withdrawing funds. Moreover, this applies to both "our" and "foreign" ATMs.So far, such an “amnesty” applies mainly to debit cards, and credit card transactions are subject to commissions. So, Lokobank canceled a fee for withdrawing money at "their" ATMs, but left a fee to "others". It is 1%. If you withdraw money at the expense of the credit limit, then, regardless of the ATM, the commission will be 4%.

If you want to withdraw money without a fee, make all operations with a plastic card, preferably at an ATM of a "native" bank.

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