What should I give to the head for the New Year?

Sitting at work and leafing through the desk calendar, people are waiting for the New Year to come. Every day, this long-awaited holiday is getting closer. But each employee, as this day approaches, the question arises: what to give to his boss. Further career growth and wages may depend on this.

The gift itself depends on who your boss is. Consider this question based on the fact that the chief is a woman. There is quite a wide selection of gifts.

One of the first in the list of gifts - perfume. For any woman it is very important how she looks and how she is treated. And the smell is probably one of the most important, opportunities to influence the opinions of others. But here you need to proceed with caution. After all, what you present to your boss may possibly accompany you all the time. If the perfume presented will be liked by a woman, she will always use them. And this smell will be present at your work. Therefore, choosing perfume for a gift, do not forget about yourself. Find a compromise.Make the perfume like the boss and not annoy you.

Decorations are also very suitable. Of course, they are very expensive. But if your salary is large enough and the work is fine, then why not donate. But here you need to be careful. If you plan for your boss to present a beautiful necklace or pendant, then this is a good thing. But with rings and bracelets, you need to be careful. After all, it can happen that they do not fit in size. And how to be here?

Every woman loves to have a complete set in her wardrobe. Therefore, a good gift may be a fashionable bag. The main thing is to choose this accessory not only to match her outfits, but also of suitable quality. God forbid you buy counterfeit. Then the workload and leave in the winter cold you provided. You need to pick up a bag of a well-known company, and in a branded store.

But what if your boss is a man? What should he present as a gift for the new year?

Here, as with women, you can dream up. The only plus is that men are not so picky. If you give a good perfume, then you will guess the smell faster, and the brand will be fine too.

But if the boss is good, then you can try. Very good if the chef has a hobby. All men like useful and pleasant gifts. If you give an expensive spinning to a fisherman or camouflage hunter, you will please your superiors. You can place an order for the manufacture of an individual gift, for example, choose to make medals with engraving.

If the hobby of the boss is not there, then you can try to please management. If the chef is not an ulcer and a core, then an elite alcoholic drink is well suited. The main thing here is to know the preferences of the boss. Whiskey, genie, tequila or martini. Everyone has their own preferences.

But even if your boss does not drink and does not use perfume, then there is a way out. The prestige and solidity of the authorities is not to a small extent dependent on its appearance. Order your boss on New Year's holiday watches or gold cufflinks, making expensive badges. Of course, again, it all depends on your income. But believe me, if you please the authorities, then your income can grow significantly in the coming year.

So that you are not presented with your boss or boss, do it with your soul.Even if you present a porcelain goat as a gift, in commemoration of the coming year, doing so with soul can bring joy to the authorities. And then your favorite work will become even more attractive and profitable.

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