What to give for the day of lovers?

Probably there is not a single couple in love in the world who would not wait for this day full of romance, tender feelings and sweet confessions - Valentine's Day. Initially, he was celebrated as the day of the commemoration of the saint, who in life, being a priest, helped the hearts in love to unite. Over time, the romantic component came to the fore, its attributes and traditions appeared. It has long been known and loved in the West, in our country, this holiday appeared only about two decades ago, but quickly got accustomed, becoming for many a special day.

How to please your soul mate? What to gift? How to make this day unusual? All these issues, long before the scheduled date, deprive both parties of their peace of mind. The choice of a gift depends largely on the closeness of the relationship and how well the lovers know each other. He does not have to be expensive, rather, with his gift, we express feelings, thoughts about his beloved or loved one.And the main thing here is not spent money, but the attention paid to our half. To make this day memorable, you can create a romantic mood in the morning. Lovely messages and little things hidden in an apartment so that they are sure to be found will help start the day joyfully and easily. A good idea is to arrange a search for “treasure”, which can be a serious gift, for example, jewelry. And if the Valentine's day is chosen for the offer of the hand and heart, then the engagement ring may be a reward for the search. Sometimes the day itself, together, becomes the most expensive gift. Favorite food, movies, unexpectedly found in the pockets of notes with words of love - all this will make the day very enjoyable for both. And how wonderful, after walking around the city, sitting next to each other in a cozy cafe, holding hands and listening to tender words! Or, remembering his childhood, go for a drive from the hill, arrange a ski trip, make a merry snowman and play snowballs, and then bask in each other's arms. Similar gifts for two can be more tangible. For example, arranging a joint photo session, you can get a great reminder of the holiday - in the form of a photo album.After visiting a master class in modeling, drawing or other crafts, a masterpiece of co-creation will remain, aside from positive emotions. You can buy a gift certificate for a tea ceremony or rock climbing for two. A pleasant pastime will be a trip to a store of underwear. Having made a purchase, you can immediately go home to try on and continue the holiday. Of course, you can hardly do without the usual gifts. The traditional symbol of the holiday is the heart, and the traditional gift, the so-called “Valentine” is a card in the form of a heart with words of love inside. However, a box of chocolates, a soft toy or other souvenirs can also act as a “valentine”, the benefit today in stores on the eve of the holiday is not hard to find a “hearty” gift. Buy a bouquet of flowers or a bouquet of sweets. A beautiful floral arrangement or a plant in a decorative pot is always apart from the competition in the fair half. Also, a girl can be given a gift card of a cosmetics store or perfumery, spa or tanning salon. A gift can be associated with a hobby or hobby of a loved one.But gifts that hint at life or work, flaws in appearance or figure, are banned. In general, you have to show imagination and romance, remembering the desires and feelings of your half. And then your day lovers will be remembered for a long time.

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