What you need to know about grout mixes

In order for clinker tile laying to look beautiful and last a long time, you need to use high-quality and reliable grouting for joints. You can get acquainted with the assortment of high-quality grout of famous manufacturers here. Grout is called a special mixture designed for hermetic filling of joints between tiles. This mixture immediately performs two tasks: a protective and decorative function.

Grouting is used for both interior and exterior cladding. This mixture protects the edges of the material from moisture and fungi. In addition to the obvious difference in color tints, attention should also be paid when selecting on their application method. There are trowel mixtures that should be applied:

  • semi-dry method;
  • a pistol;
  • immediately on the entire surface of the tile.

Grout for semi-dry method of application

The consistency of such material resembles wet sand.In order to apply the grout, you will need to purchase a mason jointing - this is a special tool that should be chosen based on the thickness and length of the joint (for joints in the transverse direction, you will need a jointing with a short spatula). Such a trowelled mixture has a rough texture and is best placed on the seams of the clinker thermopanels in which the tiles are made by hand molding.

Among the advantages of the material, low cost and the lack of plasticizers should be highlighted, and the disadvantages include the low color palette and also the need for extensive experience in such work. In addition, semi-dry grouting can only be used with a weld depth of at least 5 mm.

Grout applied with a pistol

This material has the consistency of sour cream and should be applied with a special tool - a pistol. But since among such grout there are quite often mixtures of low quality, you should be especially careful to make a choice, because once on the tile, a low-quality grout will spoil its texture. After applying the grout on the seams, it should dry out a bit,after which it should be leveled with a spatula and give the desired shape.

Main advantages:

  • ease of application;
  • a wide range of colors.


  • high cost;
  • presence of plasticizers.

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