Who are the informals?

Recently, sociologists are increasingly paying attention to informal groups, seeing in them not only the desire for self-identification of their members, but also a manifestation of a particular state of society — the crisis, borderline.

A vivid image - a reflection of the internal crisis?

First of all, informals are a special social group linked by common interests. Neformal is undoubtedly unusual, he looks at the world through the eyes of an awkward person who questions the very foundations of society, hence this is not uncommon illegal behavior and anarchism. His actions are unpredictable, begin, as psychologists say, with the appearance of a rather unpleasant slang, original clothes, and end with all sorts of punctures of the lips, nose, repainting of the head in colors uncharacteristic to human appearance. But these are only external manifestations.
The first thing that gives the essence of the Neformal, is the desire for something special, different from everything else.
As a rule, people adjoining informal groupings experience a difficult period of their life,mainly related to age transition. That is why among the informals the prevailing majority are teenagers.
Growing up in the form of the Neformal is a sign of inner infantilism and a deep crisis of self-identification, in rare cases a habit or devotion to ideals. However, the latter, as a rule, concerns the trends of “neo-formalism”, which have philosophy, ideology, and culture. Growing up informals are rarely warlike, they create clubs, make websites, actively share cultural features and attitudes towards the environment in social networks.

The birth of the phenomenon

Sociologists identify many reasons for the formation of informal groups, saying that they usually manifest themselves in a complex. The first is the desire to declare oneself during the crisis period of becoming a person, the desire to challenge society, to protest. Many simply do not want to be like everyone else, consider themselves unique. For others, the impetus was the problems and misunderstandings in the family. Still others pay tribute to fashion. The fourth is subject to the influence of criminal structures. There are also those who completely lack a goal in life.
In colloquial speech, such people are often called in abbreviated form: “Nephors,” “Nifers.” Informal associations - mass and group phenomena.
There are those who are united by music. Perhaps it is music that has a magical effect on adolescents and prompts them to not quite adequate actions. What is transmitted from the stage, for example, by the performers of rock, metal, hippies develops a special understanding and worldview among representatives of informal cultures.
Do not write off the political, economic situation in society.

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