Why do preterm labor occur?

Due to preterm birth, babies are born with a life in the womb from 22 to 37 weeks. If a child is born earlier than this period, the fetus is considered a late miscarriage and, as a rule, they do not even try to save such a child. Deliveries from 22 to 28 weeks are considered successful only if the baby was able to survive after 7 days, otherwise it will be called a late miscarriage. Children who appeared between 32 and 37 weeks are moderately and slightly premature.

The main causes of preterm birth

The main reasons for the premature birth of a child are, above all, various infections. In perfect condition, the uterus, where the baby’s body grows, is sterile. But if an inflammatory process begins there, or an infection penetrates there, the mother's body may try to get rid of the fetus.Therefore, before starting a pregnancy, it is so important to be examined for latent infections that can only become apparent during pregnancy, if they are not cured.
Difficulties with the development of the placenta, its detachment, possible malformations of the uterus and hormonal disorders in the mother’s body also give rise to the risk of abortion long before the favorable birth time for the fetus. If the previous pregnancy did not go very well, leaving gaps in the cervix, or in the past, the mother had an abortion, such reasons could easily become harbingers of premature birth.
Perhaps the most natural option for termination of pregnancy long before the period becomes a multiple pregnancy. In this case, the uterus is stretched too much due to the carrying of two or three children, therefore it does not stand up to the end of the term. Almost all multiple pregnancies end in preterm labor. The same thing happens with the uterus when the fetus is too large.

Protect your body

Severe infectious diseases such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, sore throat, especially with a sharp increase in body temperature, can terminate a pregnancy prematurely.Mothers with high blood pressure are at risk to subsequently care for premature babies if they do not take drugs to normalize pressure.
During stress and depression, a large number of preterm births occur. Therefore, during pregnancy, especially after 6-7 months, it is necessary, if possible, to stop doing serious work that requires the return of strength and nerves. It is not necessary to take exams, to defend a diploma or to participate in constant quarrels in the final stages.
Negatively during the course of pregnancy, great physical exertion, weight lifting, and work with harmful chemicals are reflected. Drinking alcohol and smoking during pregnancy can also cause miscarriage or premature birth. Negative impact can have sex in late pregnancy, as well as the age of the mother - if she is less than 17 or more than 35 years old.

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