Why dream of a blanket

If you sheltered someone in a dream or hid yourself - it is worth figuring out what the blanket dreams of. The interpretation of this dream is ambiguous and depends on the details of the dreamer's night visions.

Dream interpretation Felomena

If a person sees a blanket in a dream, in reality there will be an opportunity to see old friends, about whom he has not known anything for many years.

The blanket also embodies the dreamer's desire to protect himself from everyday problems.

Interpretation dreams with the details

A person who needs vital rest can dream of how he lies, covered with a blanket. Further overwork can lead to a large number of errors, which will be difficult to forgive.

Buying a blanket in a dream - in real life, get a reward of merit. Soon you will gain financial independence.

In your life, fun is coming, while you can be carefree and not remember the responsibilities - this is what dreams of covering up with strangers.

If you put a blanket or blanket on you in night vision, then in reality you are struggling with a depressive state. Do not let inner experiences lead to a deterioration of health.

Try to correct the relationship with a close environment. You may need their help in case of a sudden deterioration of health - this is what the dreamer covers with a blanket.

To get a beautiful blanket in a dream as a gift - you can expect better health in real life. Healing will be complete if you go through the examination and follow the recommendations of specialists.

Expect problems if in a vision someone pulls off a blanket from you. You will have to cope with difficulties yourself. If you have a blanket with someone, this dream foreshadows communication with an incomprehensible person, from whom there will be only disappointment.

The best way for the moral restoration of the dreamer will be a vacation - this is what dream about blankets and new pillows.

You will be successful and lucky in all matters if you were admiring a beautiful blanket in a dream. Positive changes in financial issues are possible, the main thing is not to miss your chance.

To dream of a bright color blanket - in reality, to experience a slight deterioration in health. For a favorable outcome, be sure to visit a doctor.

An assistant will appear in life, friendly towards you, if in night dreams you will see how a new blanket is pleasing to the eye and warms.Changes can be expected both in everyday life and in career.

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